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Comment Mozilla can't keep a secret... (Score 1) 387

Was Yahoo p***d off about people who don't allow some cookies to be set?

That's a serious accusation, did you even care to read the bug before writing that?
FYI, while the deal isn't public, it was rather clear that it was contingent on Yahoo reinventing their search engine as they did.
So you can be confident that it's more likely Mozilla that pressures Yahoo than the other way around.

Besides the bugs, mailing lists, wiki, regular monday meetings, irc channels, etherpads, source code, review notes, commit comments, is all open.
I work at Mozilla there is very little private communication, apart from security bugs, just about everything is completely public.
The notes I make on stuff I work on is in a public etherpad, with links often posted on IRC.. So anyone can could jump in an make a mess of my notes :)

And you are welcome to participate! (and welcome to ask questions, as well as leaving useful comments, suggestions in my notes)

Also there is no way employees at Mozilla could keep a secret like that - You can be sure someone would blog about it :)
(Lots of people at Mozilla are in it for the mission)

Comment Re:What's it for in Windows/VMWare environment? (Score 4, Interesting) 49

I spin up a new Windows server as a virtual machine, play around, revert as needed, and destroy it.

This is slow... SUPER slow...

At Mozilla we are starting to use docker for running linux tests... We can reset a container to initiate state and run the next task in a second or so... This means we don't spend time bring up/down VMs... and every test or build task has a clean environment..
Also we don't need to rebuild AMI when updating a dependency like gcc (if say we want to build against a new version)

For the server stuff where I've played with docker... the main benefit is that it's a lot easier to build and move images.. Building and testing AMIs locally is a special kind of pain I wouldn't care to entertain. Also you can deploy docker images in any cloud.

Note: I prefer immutable infrastructure, so docker is really killer as copy-on-write makes it quick to start a container from clean state.

Comment Re:It's U.S. technology anyway (Score 1) 49

it's not as if we didn't have a right to the images.

I'm no fan of Israel and their inability to make peace... But if you want to call them allies, maybe you should just have asked nicely, and offer to share your drone videos.

Spying on allies should be limited to what you can read in the news paper.. or hear in a public forum.

Comment So wrong... (Score 1) 46

Rust is a product of Mozilla, which as we know has had some tough times lately. They lost their Google sponsorship, and have had to settle for Yahoo instead.

Wrong, wrong, wrong... Moziila chose Yahoo over Google, presumably the deal was better. And looking at it form the standpoint of the Mozilla mission it might just enable more competition on the search market.

Rather, I think it's a Mozilla project with source code that's publicly available.

Nope, even the Mozilla people working on this is very attentive to make sure they aren't tried too much to Mozilla infrastructure.
So I wouldn't worry about this.

My only concern with rust is that it's too complicated and encourages too much over-engineering.. Maybe I just haven't really gotten good at writing it yet. But that is definitely my major concern.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 5, Insightful) 182

but you'll have to take their word on it

No, you can view the source... All of it... Both client and server side.
If I'm not mistaken... There a lot of mozilla projects, but this one seems recent.

there needs to be a way to disable this service entirely.

At least look up about.config before complaining, it's right in there under "dom.push.enabled".

But really, I don't see the point...

Comment Re:Sad Commentary (Score 1) 315

B) My first instinct was to praise the department for the "measured" response of not hauling the kid into the station in handcuffs, interrogating him for hours without his parents, and then (when they realize the deep trouble they're in) leaking a story that the kid/family is secretly evil in some way.

Yeah, it's sad.. that we have to happy there was no attempt of cover up... Granted that mostly an American thing.

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