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Comment Re:Population/Area has to be a factor (Score 2) 277

People per square foot in SF is pretty dang tight.

Coming to SF from Denmark... I would say there are 3 main issues:
1) traffic laws aren't followed,
2) drivers are poorly trained (drivers license requirements is a joke),
3) roads aren't optimized for safe high-throughput traffic
(1) is what causes danger, but (2) and (3) are the reasons for this. Compared to most European cities SF has wide street, lots of space, and yet manages to spend half the streets on parking, uses stop signs all over, this causes drivers to disgard stop signs, speed up/down like crazy, and it makes everything go slow which in turn makes drivers agitated..

Selecting a few major roads, getting rid of parking and stops signs on those roads would go far (very far). Turn some of the small side roads into parking lots, that you can't drive through, and you would have more parking, less traffic congestion. You don't need all the small side roads, it's okay to drive 4-6 blocks to get one block up hill, reducing the amount of intersections and increasing throughput.

Comment Re:Face facts, she is not going to admit anything (Score 1, Troll) 348

While the subject line specifically pertains to the email challenge for Clinton's campaign the pattern is the same. Say nothing until forced to, assume a disengaged electorate will forget, or not care to begin with, then crank out the next "talking point" all on her terms.

The thing is everybody is used to the media overreacting and lying (FOX), so why should we care when they cry wolf.. Sure this is not ideal, but it probably stems from nothing more than an attempt to get things... At least I see no evidence to the contrary, I why should I care to read the medias articles they are always crying wolf....

Comment DOM is just a tool (Score 1) 137

Choose the right tool for the job.

If you want normal UI DOM enables fast development, and isolates things nicely (compared to coding against a frame buffer).
But for rendering some things raw framebuffers (canvas) is and always will be the right tool...
Could also be you're using setTimeout instead of requestAnimationFrame...

But yes you're right, the DOM is slow... but you're not forced to use it when making pixel art...
he he, I think I once saw a js library to draw with 1x1px divs :)

Comment Re:Cyclists DON'T obey the law! (Score 1, Flamebait) 696


When are motorists going to start obeying the rules of the road?

in the US probably never... maybe when you take away their guns... I'm jokingly implying that there is a similar feeling of entitlement to drive as you wish on the road.

Having moved to SF from EU I notice that nobody (drivers, cyclists nor pedestrians) obeys the rules (granted cars have a MUCH higher responsibility to so given their capacity for dange). Anyways, considering how the roads and rules are made I fully understand why they aren't honored.

Here some examples that invites people to do bad things:
- turn right on a red light (people constantly forget bring the car to a full stop, nor is the intersection clear),
- lights only required at night (people forget, and it's impossible to distingush active from passive participants, I see people in tunnels without lights on!!!),
- street parking on major roads (stops traffic in dangerous ways, insanely dangerous for cyclists),
- stop signs everywhere (makes people gas up and down like maniacs, bad for environment and encourages reckless driving, causes people to ignore stop signs),
- lack of bike cycle paths (despite the fact that US cities have extremely wide roads compared to European cities, you have plenty of space),
- grid system treating almost every road as equal, rather than promoting some roads to serve as conduits (keeps cars driving everywhere, and inefficiently so),
- lack of training, In countries such as Denmark a drivers license requires:
- 28 x 45 minute study sessions,
- 4 x 45 minutes closed driving course,
- 7 hours first aid course,
- 4 x 45 minutes on wet driving course,
- 16 x 45 minutes on public road with driving instructor,
- Test while sitting next to a police officer who loves to flunk you :)

Credit where credit is due though, I applaude the concept of allowing kids to drive with an adult supervisor present. This is a good way of getting a lot of supervised hours on the road! And it's a lot cheaper than driving with a driving instructor, IMO not a substitute for professional training but a really solid complement.

Comment Re:cause Alaska's huge in resources, not in popula (Score 1) 284

If this had happened in Texas those $1.2 billion would amount to... less than $45 for each of it's 27 million inhabitants.
Now it doesn't look as cool, does it?

True, but using it for infrastructure/schools/etc. and giving a tax reduction might work too...

Comment Re:Or for slightly less per month (Score 4, Informative) 84

Or for slightly less per month based on average monthly usage, you could buy, insure and fuel an I3 and when you got tired of it, you could sell it and get some money back.

Not in Denmark... 2 / 3 of car prices in Denmark are taxes... Energy is also more expensive..

Comment Re:Hmm, the only reason to use Firefox... (Score 1) 192

Chrome uses a crazy amount of memory...

But also note that the "more permissive add-on API" is why FF extensions break between FF versions...

Note, I think there is commitment to allow FF extensions to do more than Chrome extensions can... Ie. sidebar-tabs etc. will still be possible.
Hopefully, the extensions won't break as much... In related news Mozilla is also moving various features into add-ons to reduce bloat, and be able to update features independently of Firefox. I think Hello, Pocket are great examples of things that will be moved to add-ons. (btw, at the announcement where I heard about some features moving into add-ons the subject got a standing applause!)

So I'm pretty sure we can expect FF to embrace/extend Chrome extension API.

Comment Re:This is complete bullshit (Score 1) 192

If Mozilla wants their browser share to increase, deprecate the god damned single-threaded engine!!!!

Firefox is already heavily multi-threaded!
Process isolation is already in nightly... Have been for a while now. This is some of what is necessary to roll out per-tab-process isolation...

Note the old way of doing extensions have been on the way out for a long time... AFAIK jetpack based extensions will not be experiencing issues.

Is it any surprise that going major architectural changes to FF necessarily means extensions will break.
Hopefully, the new APIs (and extensing jetpack SDK) will be more stable... The way old extensions were able to dive deep into FF, meant that they easily broke between versions. And yes, the browser needs to move forward that means changing FF internals -- FF is not IE6 the dev team haven't been fired :)

Comment Re:3 months vs. 3 years education (Score 2) 277

I didn't see anybody breaking up a fight in that video. When the video starts, the fight is already over. All I saw were two handcuffed black men and a couple of off-duty cops waiting until the NYPD got there.

Okay, fair enough it doesn't show the breaking up...
But do notice how they ask the detainee if he is alright, if he is hurt... and so on...
Notice that they don't sit on the guy, they hold him, yes, they apply force, but they do so respect and dignity (as trains professionals).

Here is another normal day in the US: http://www.theguardian.com/us-...
Notice how police officers sit on a guy with a prosthetic leg... And how when more arrive they seem to stand around more concern about covering for the video.

I particularly note that when they start talking to him it's "I bet you have a gram of dope in your pocket". Rather than asking if the guy is hurt they escalate the conflict further.
It doesn't matter if he has dope in his pocket, the officer can discover and resolve that later when you are sitting down at the station... But instead they try to intimidate him with at this stage unfounded and unnecessary accusations.

Comment Re:These people... (Score 1) 186

Should be placed in the center of a circle of fellow scientists; their pocket protectors should be yanked out; their labcoats torn off....

It's a pretty efficient way to terminate your academic career. I think at my former University you would be banned for 3 years...
That plus your name in google you career is pretty much over.

Comment Re:And all they wanted was a faster horse (Score 1) 732

I don't believe that's true. WikiP says, "As part of the settlement, the United States did not admit legal liability but agreed to pay on an ex gratia basis US$61.8 million, amounting to $213,103.45 per passenger, in compensation to the families of the Iranian victims."

After being dragged to International Court of Justice...
Same article says "The United States government did not formally apologize to Iran".

Granted the US could have acted worse... :)

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