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Comment Get a Neo900 (Score 2) 328 328

The in-development Neo900 smartphone, whilst it doesn't have the latest and greatest hardware specs, is specifically being built to make it harder to do this crap. Option of going 100% FOSS on the main ARM processor with the exception of some userspace blobs for the PowerVR GPU (at least that is the intention) plus a hardware architecture that prevents the closed parts of the system (WiFi, cellular radio etc) from having access to the other hardware (there is no way to for the cellular module to have any access to the microphone, speakers or the memory or flash/filesystem of the main processor at all)
No walled garden (since its 100% FOSS there is no control by anyone other than the user), not trying to sell you apps (no app store means no apps to sell) and no spying or tracking (unless you happen to install something that does spying or tracking)

Is the Neo900 for everyone? No. But if you want a phone that genuinely gives YOU the user the control, the Neo900 is the only device out there that can really do it... (and although not everyone likes binary blobs, the nature of the Neo900 means that if someone does produce a FOSS driver for the PowerVR stuff, it can be use on the Neo900 no problems)

Comment Re:Why even use an electronic safe? (Score 1) 147 147

Even if you do go for an electronic lock, there is no reason why it has to have a full OS (much less something written by Microsoft) underlying it. You could probably implement the logic for a safe on a simple microcontroller. Even if you need things like auditing (e.g. to record who opened the safe and when) all you need is a bit more memory (to store the list of valid codes and when those codes can be used plus the log of which codes are used and when) and a simple real-time-clock chip to keep track of the current date/time.

Also, there is no reason to leave any wires or ports or access points exposed to the outside world except for the battery compartment (if the safe has an external battery compartment to allow for battery replacement if the battery is drained) or the external power source/backup battery connector (if the safe has an internal battery box to allow for providing power if the batteries inside the safe are dead)

Comment Re:Why stop there? (Score 1) 365 365

If you are writing software that takes in a password and you are hashing the password to compare it to a stored hash, there is no reason at all to restrict the maximum length of a password or prohibit certain characters from being used in it.

If you are writing software that takes in a password and you are NOT hashing the password (but instead storing it in the clear or otherwise doing something with it), you shouldn't be writing software involving passwords in the first place (I can't think of a single valid reason to do anything other than store a password hash. Even "lost password" features can easily be done via temporary passwords or email-me-a-password-reset-link features)

I would love to hear from the people behind software and web pages that limit the length of passwords or restrict what characters you can have in it why they do such a stupid thing.

Comment Whats left unsaid... (Score 3, Informative) 118 118

Whats left unsaid is how many ISPs (including those that dont yet exist except on paper or in someones head) would LIKE to offer super fast broadband but are unable to because local or state authorities have been convinced by dinosaur companies like Comcast and Time Warner to block alternative ISPs comming into the area and providing good access.

If governments at all levels stopped listening to the dinosaur ISPs and their friends in Hollywood and started listening to the people who elected them, the number of people able to get gigabit service (or even just super fast service) might start to be a meaningful percentage of the total population.

Comment Re:Approach security the wrong way? No shit! (Score 1) 157 157

I have watched enough Top Gear to know that there are plenty of fancy cars (sports cars etc) out there where you use the infotainment system (or at least the screen for the infotainment system) to configure all the various settings for how the car will perform. So on those cars at least, there must be a 2-way link between the infotainment system and the car control systems.

Comment Not sure whats more impressive... (Score 4, Insightful) 150 150

Not sure whats more impressive, the fact that a 19 year old is able to get DARPA funding or the fact that a 19 year old (and his team presumably) is about to go into mass production with a fairly fancy looking custom microprocessor on a 28nm fab process.

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