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Comment Secret Weapon: The Times Crossword (Score 3, Interesting) 92

Whoever they have over there that is responsible for designing and implementing their online crossword page/apps is a genius. If you told me 10 years ago that I would enjoy doing crosswords on a cell phone I would have laughed, but they pulled it off. It's the only reason I subscribe - and the actual news/opinion is a very nice add-on feature :)

Comment Re:PP slogans won't cut it (Score 1) 233

I've seen the same thing regarding AWS. We had already moved away from locally managed hardware to a "private cloud", managed remotely through tickets/change requests/etc. and now we are moving again to AWS. Through all of it we've never had to reduce infrastructure staff, in the case of remotely managed private cloud thing you still needed a team that could take requests from product and translate them into sensible hardware/config requests. With AWS it's even more on the shoulders of our own staff as we will no longer have this remote service group to handle change requests.

Comment Re:News for nerds. Stuff that matters. (Score 0) 397

Oh, shut up.

There is a perfectly suitable system on this site for vetting stories that are submitted. If enough involved users (i.e. nerds) decide a story is interesting enough to discuss further, the story is promoted to the top. Bitch about stories at the firehose, not in the comments of stories that were already promoted by your peers.

Comment Re:About 7-8 years ago? (Score 1) 302

I think the point is not to make a site with a bunch of fancy animated crap on it, but to make a site that have content added to it easily, track comments, organize historical articles, etc. Show me "" and I'll be impressed.

Obviously a flat text/html site can be "coded from scratch".

Comment Re:In the name of Allah ! (Score 1) 1350

It's not the "handful of incidents, and fringe groups" that make me find islam to be a particularly repugnant religion, it's the millions of other muslims that are complicit in these acts of terrorism, or at the very least claim support or understanding for the groups that carry them out.

I don't hold all muslims responsible for these acts, but I hold them responsible for taking a more active role in denouncing and preventing them. Show me an islamic neighborhood in Europe openly displaying the comics in public as a form of protest and I'll be pleasantly shocked. Fat f**king chance.

BTW: "lose", "losing" - look into it.

Comment Re:Shell? Give me a web based browser (Score 1) 96

Yeah, I really want to be able to do it right in the browser - I started wanting it the other day when I was sitting in the waiting room at my kid's ballet class and trying to debug an issue on my phone by looking at the code on It would have been 100 times easier if I'd been able to click on method names/classes and jump to the declarations, or even search for references right in the browser. Wondering if I can find where/how eclipse stores it's project indices and roll my own...

Thanks for the reply!

Comment Shell? Give me a web based browser (Score 1) 96

As others have commented I think this idea can be covered with some simple aliases in bash, seems a tad silly.

What I wish was available was a way to view the source of a git with one minor enhancement - the ability to browse with a click to the declaration/definition of functions/variables a la the IDE of your choice. Would be neat to be able to build an index using some tool, check it into the root of your repo, and then have the site use the index to mark up the source code with the appropriate links.

I've dug around for something that does this but haven't found anything suitable - anyone know of anything?

Comment Explain why comments are broken (Score 1) 77

First off I appreciate your comments, wonderful to see a thoughtful and measured response to this whole thing for a change. I've been using the new site for the past few days - at first just trying to sift through the crap, and then getting fed up and downmodding and finally replying to it out of desperation, and through all of it I never witnessed how the commenting/modding system is any more broken that it has ever been. Missing features galore, yes, but fundamentally broken?

The *only* specific gripe I've seen was that if the thread gets too nested the comments are squeezed into an unreadably narrow box. (1) that's seems like a pretty easy fix, and (2) I can't recall the last time I've read through a good comment thread that was more than 4-5 levels deep. So with respect, what am I missing? What has been fundamentally broken in the comment system? Nobody seems to say, they just say it sucks, or is fundamentally broken, or as you say is an add-on, etc.

I've been an active reader/commenter/submitter for over a decade and none of this makes any sense to me. Worst case the site is done, due not to the redesign itself, but the completely unhinged overreaction to it (see: throwing out the baby with the bathwater.) Best case, 1-2 months from now the is cruising along fine minus a tiny group of users with a very skewed set of priorities.

Comment Explain it to me (Score 1) 3

I *honestly* do not understand it. Explain it to me, and don't just tell me it sucks, I want to know the details of your personal torment at the hands of a website redesign. Do you feel slighted? Are you personally offended by the website's layout? On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rank the pain and suffering? Try explaining it to me as you would explain it to a child, or a starving refugee.

It's buggy. There is shit missing. A lot of shit missing. Yet, I seem to be able to read all of these pointless comments, and reply to them without issue. I can mod them offtopic with no issues whatsoever. If it weren't for this totally inexplicable flood of self-righteous protest comments I think my life would cruise right along reading and enjoying normal slashdot comments in the new design. Or, maybe not. Maybe if I could see the site operating as it should be in the new format I would begin to feel your profound misery. Alas I'll never know.

I've resigned myself to the distinct possibility that the site is now forever ruined - by you and your ilk, not by the poor saps charged with the redesign. Of all of the goddamn things to be outraged about, I do not understand it.

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