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Comment Re:React (Score 1) 48

It's not so bad as long as you stay close to the intent, where you want to do something like facebook, or a blog, with frequently added/updated items and comments and such. So if you're writing a little half-assed blog type thing it would be pretty easy to make it "reactive" to people adding new posts and comments and things. But try and apply it to something like what I was tasked with, which was a little search/modify/create/delete thing it was a complete disaster. YMMV

Comment React (Score 0) 48

I was forced (by a "hip" development director) to try and implement a simple small web application using Facebook's "React" javascript library, and after toiling for three days with it I decided that the only thing you can easily implement with React is something that looks and acts just like Facebook, not surprisingly. I abandoned it and created the site framework-less in four hours. I have no idea what "Parse" is, but I am very wary of these corporate frameworks/APIs/languages since that experience.

Go look at some "hip" github projects out there, it's ridiculous - there are literally 10's of thousands of lines of framework supporting these tiny little applications, it's absurd. There are even massive projects out there to make integration between two frameworks "easier", which themselves rely on any number of other unrelated frameworks. Where does it all end??

Comment Re:Where were you?? (Score 1) 320

It's not really about where people were or what they were doing, that's just how we as humans prompt each other to share our feelings about events that happened so that we can relate to each other. Large scale tragedies and our experience of them are things that all people who lived through them have in common. I find it comforting to talk to other people about how they experienced these things, particularly strangers - anonymously or not.

Comment Third Grade Classroom (Score 1) 320

Thankfully not watching the launch, they interrupted class and announced the tragedy over the PA and we sat and discussed what it meant for a long time. I think I was just old enough to grasp the severity of it, it was certainly clear from the reaction of our teacher and the tone of the PA announcement. Very memorable moment in my life.

Submission + - Google DeepMind algorithm has learnt to play Go better than most human beings

Artem Tashkinov writes: The Go game has been considered the toughest to crack game for AI to this date, and various researchers estimated it would take at least ten more years for AI algorithms to master it and beat the best human players on the planet. However according to a recent Nature publication (PDF) by the team behind Google DeepMind, their AI algorithm manages to beat 99% of all other Go playing applications and also it beat Fan Hui, the best European Go player.

Submission + - 'Huge leap forward': Computer that mimics human brain beats professional at Go (

sciencehabit writes: Eighteen years after a computer beat then-reigning world champion Garry Kasparov at chess, a machine has defeated a professional player at the ancient eastern board game Go. The new advance is much bigger, artificial intelligence (AI) researchers say, as Go is such a computationally demanding game that even a decade ago some researchers thought a computer would never defeat a human expert. What's more, the machine won not by virtue of overwhelming computational power, but by employing "machine learning" tools that enable it to teach itself and to think more like humans do.

Comment Secret Weapon: The Times Crossword (Score 3, Interesting) 92

Whoever they have over there that is responsible for designing and implementing their online crossword page/apps is a genius. If you told me 10 years ago that I would enjoy doing crosswords on a cell phone I would have laughed, but they pulled it off. It's the only reason I subscribe - and the actual news/opinion is a very nice add-on feature :)

Comment Re:PP slogans won't cut it (Score 1) 233

I've seen the same thing regarding AWS. We had already moved away from locally managed hardware to a "private cloud", managed remotely through tickets/change requests/etc. and now we are moving again to AWS. Through all of it we've never had to reduce infrastructure staff, in the case of remotely managed private cloud thing you still needed a team that could take requests from product and translate them into sensible hardware/config requests. With AWS it's even more on the shoulders of our own staff as we will no longer have this remote service group to handle change requests.

Comment Re:News for nerds. Stuff that matters. (Score 0) 397

Oh, shut up.

There is a perfectly suitable system on this site for vetting stories that are submitted. If enough involved users (i.e. nerds) decide a story is interesting enough to discuss further, the story is promoted to the top. Bitch about stories at the firehose, not in the comments of stories that were already promoted by your peers.

Comment Re:About 7-8 years ago? (Score 1) 302

I think the point is not to make a site with a bunch of fancy animated crap on it, but to make a site that have content added to it easily, track comments, organize historical articles, etc. Show me "" and I'll be impressed.

Obviously a flat text/html site can be "coded from scratch".

Comment Re:In the name of Allah ! (Score 1) 1350

It's not the "handful of incidents, and fringe groups" that make me find islam to be a particularly repugnant religion, it's the millions of other muslims that are complicit in these acts of terrorism, or at the very least claim support or understanding for the groups that carry them out.

I don't hold all muslims responsible for these acts, but I hold them responsible for taking a more active role in denouncing and preventing them. Show me an islamic neighborhood in Europe openly displaying the comics in public as a form of protest and I'll be pleasantly shocked. Fat f**king chance.

BTW: "lose", "losing" - look into it.

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