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Comment free cache ! (Score 1) 95

so basically its a set of specs that allow google to cache your webpage and allow you to track it

WHY OH WHY not simply use the standards outlined here :

and then produce a validator so that sites can be cached by oh I dont know the network operator or anyone including google after all are they not closer to the endpoint ?

seems very pointless and a reaction to facebook allowing publishers to push articles in their network...


John Jones

Comment how to deal with the rupert problem... (Score 2) 57

there is this old man that controls a lot of media in australia

eventually all politicians end up having to go see and deal with this bloke rupert and/or his company

one way is to give in to what they want hence the "internet filter" which blocks "copyright" which they are concerned about...

what I find sad is they have no interest in actual copyright or paying artists but in shareholder returns (which they should be as its a company).


John Jones

Comment Re:Wrong authority (Score 1) 122

the cell towers that you connect to depending on the connection type can be "named" differently and in a rural setting you may well see many attempts to connect to geographically far away towers by several providers

you would need to understand the carrier and software sorry I have no clue to what Llama software is and google is not much help, either way invest in a software defined radio to easily and cheaply scan your environment


John Jones

Comment Re:Well that's bollocks (Score 1) 122

ok I'll bite...

the report states :
  "Scotland Yard was said to have bought some of the IMSI towers in 2009 and began using them last November, according to reports"

If thats a journalist ever hedging their bets... I believe they are there is no proof at all and no statement within the article that the met are doing anything as low sophistication as "stingrays"

There is absolutely no reason for the force such as the metropolitan police to use or invest in such equipment when all data collation is done by other british agencies already do this and make it available to them.


john jones


Comment Wrong authority (Score 3, Informative) 122

The metropolitan police are not responsible for GSM interference

Doing so legally they would be run by Government Communications Headquarters ( GCHQ)
It matters not most UK communications are intercepted quite legally by the NSA and shared back to UK.

They are most likely test towers or towers created by individuals illegally

The British have always allowed intercepts legally


John Jones

Comment YEARS and YEARS ago... (Score 2) 178

when there was a ATI rage128 X11 driver written by enthusiast and Linux people it was basically the BEST

then nvidia saw the marketing and CAD market decided to ship a direct port of their windows driver with all the horrible spec breaking kludges that made it fast...

AMD now released a good driver that doesn't have too many kludges and sticks fairly well to the spec but its slow... they dont want to reveal all their breaking of the spec and kludges that they do on windows...

basically we could have a driver that was fast but it wont be a good (without fudging colours and resolutions etc)

AMD need to look at it like a marketing experience and invest in the software drivers for a couple of years... hey they could blow nvidia out of the water in about 6 months if they had the right team and just went for it...


John Jones

Comment you have to be specific... (Score 1) 85

Especially when talking about silicon as versions and die shrinks actually matter e.g. the K1 T132 is project denver which is 64bit and uses a JIT compiler to get speedup while version T124 is the Cortex-A15 R3

interesting thing will be the uptake of unix like OS vs Windows 10 on ARM which is sure to annoy Intel who are loosing market share !


John Jones

Comment Re:god dammit. (Score 1) 521

had the same thought...

  what about Airports ?

deploy the same methods they do chirps/sounds and eagle surly someone thought of that and suggested it already ???

personally I see this as far better method to generate electricity than polluting photoelectric cells... they deserve a congratulations !


Comment at least they did not just attach cache... (Score 1) 125

Scalar design just simply attach more cache... more hits and speculative loads (/MMU) solved it for SPARC/MIPS/Power

The HP research into Dynamo and later the transmeta design concepts showed promise but delivered no product beyond small samples (under 1 million shipped) and yet peoples houses...

  I was most excited by dynamo and VLIW (itanium promised so much and delivered so little) LLVM provides some interesting concepts

  I would really like Texas Instruments (TI) back in the game as I think a large I and D cache combined with specialised (DSP + crypto) offload engines would blow the socks off the current market...

it will be interesting as intel have a smaller geometry yet the market is with ARMHY but do manufacturers care ?

have fun and power consumption matters !

John Jones

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