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Comment Re:Why not "Cooking for All"? (Score 1) 246

not that i think it's a bad thing to teach kids programming, but it most certainly is not going to help the US catch up.

The reasons the US is falling behind are myriad, but lack of programmers is absolutely, positively not one of them.

US companies are outsourcing programming and technical work of all sorts as fast as they can. Entire tech companies are basically reducing themselves to US-based management teams.

Teaching kids to program is not going to help that problem.

Comment Re:If you ride a bike... (Score 1) 696

this is precisely correct.

it's the mindset i've used all my biking life, over 20 years now.

you really, really have to think they are out to get you.

and it's true, only these days drivers are out to get everyone. I'm constantly amazed that there aren't fatal accidents all. the. time.

without the actual enforcement of traffic laws, human beings, being animals, will absolutely do what they want.

you have to smack them on the nose with a rolled up newspaper on a regular basis.

Comment Re:Worst. Science. Writer. Ever. (Score 1) 173

I think he's a pretty good science writer, or at least I enjoy reading his writing.

Writing about obliterating the earth might be kind of frivolous but i'm not sure it makes him a bad science writer.

Maybe you could give us your learned opinion as to what makes his writing so bad.

Or was it just this article in particular ?

Comment why is there no hardware entropy generation ?! (Score 1) 111

Adding entropy generation hardware on a motherboard or even in the CPU would be trivial.

Would it be cryptographically sound ? Probably not, but it's a hell of a lot better than the ad hoc system now in place.

Is there some sort of patent issue preventing this from happening or something ?

Comment Re:Obama should do a fact check... (Score 1, Insightful) 413

First, we aren't feeling the impact of climate change. For all the fear mongering, the oceans haven't risen, the weather is fine, and life has been carrying on.

first- we are feeling the impact of climate change. oh i'm sorry, have i interfered with your unsupported assertion by making my own unsupported assertion ?

the oceans have risen:

Sea levels have been rising over the 20th century. This, and a host of other evidence say we _are_ experiencing the effects of climate change.

yes, life is carrying on. and it will continue to carry on even at such time as that carrying on becomes very, very difficult. so what the hell is your point ?

At this point, we're just moving the deck chairs around the Titanic, or perhaps put another way, we using a bucket brigade to try and get the water out of the ship. Nice idea, but pointless when the ship is still going to sink.

The standard denier bullshit. We can't do anything , we should just get over it. Except that the standard denier bullshit used to be "there is no climate change". Now, it's "oh yeah, maybe there is, but we should just get used to it".

By doing something NOW, we can make future impact less. BTW, what exactly do you have against dumping more shit into the air ? remember when they put lead in gasoline ? Should we have just left it in , because we had already dumped so much into the environment that it was "too late" to do anything about it ?

If the AGW people are wrong, then this is just a wealth transfer and overreaching power grab from big government.

your true slashdot, libertarian colors revealed.

Comment talk to a lawyer (Score 1) 224

your patents are your patents.

giving them the IP for free is crazy talk. Should they actually be valuable, the company should be paying fair market value and evalutating them just like any other business transaction and they would be separated from your job.

Meanwhile, talk to a lawyer. Now. BEFORE the interview.

Comment Re:Just tell me (Score 1) 463

This disease prays on your concern for the sick.

Well it might prey on your concern, but it doesn't even do that.

It just does what it does.

You make some very serious allegations about the hospital administration and their culpability, got any proof about that ?

Were the nurses really so stupid that they were not interested in doing everything they should to protect themselves while treating this person ? I find it hard to believe that things were that lax. I expect the real problem is, as you say, the disease is just incredibily communicable, and the nurses were unfortunately part of the learning curve in dealing with it.

The truly incompetent were the individuals who had a patient who told them he had been to west Africa and was feeling sick, and sent him home.
That took some real density.

Too bad they don't believe in science in Texas.

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