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Comment: Re:My Plans for Firefox (Score 1) 175 175

Yes - never call it malice if it is adequately explained by stupidity.

That said, bloating feature-complete programs is unfortunately commonplace. And adapting GUI's according to the largest idiot's preferences seems to be the latest hype in UI development.

Comment: Re:Growing Herbs in the Netherlands? (Score 1) 256 256

I don't think so, this is in the beginning much too expensive for that. You loose the equipment if there is a police raid so you try to limit the equipment costs as much as posible. That is why LED lights are not used very much in that sector too. They usually tap power illegally before the meter so more power consumption is no consideration (as long as the power lines are able to handle it).

Comment: Re:Zune (Score 1) 293 293

We are hearing that excuse since windows phone 7: "but wait until the next version". It will fail too, since running Android apps won't be flawlessly (see Blackberry how that works out) and "universal apps" won't be developed outside MS since desktop users, where windows is large, are not interested in mobile apps but in full-sized desktop programs. The usage stats of the included windows 8 apps were dramatic, even among the windows 8 adepts.

Comment: Re:Lawyers do all these things (Score 1) 269 269

I'm used to offensive lawyers, got even complains from Kendrick Moxon in the 90's ( when anti-scientology websites were the issue of some lawsuits here. I survived that, so I'm affraid there won't be much lawyers who can intimidate me anymore. :-)

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