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Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 3, Insightful) 386

The economy of the UK isn't that strong. And they don't support that much anyway, they negotioated special tarifs for them in the past under the threat of leaving. Now they will try that again, but I think it won't work anymore. The others will simply say "you want to leave? Fine, then leave".

After all, we're not the American Empire that declares war on parts that want to leave and then calls it a civil war.

Comment: Re:Logjam (Score 1) 42

by johanw (#49742273) Attached to: How 1990s Encryption Backdoors Put Today's Internet In Jeopardy

"There are so many decisions from the early days we're stuck with now, why are these so special?"

This one is special because some organizations (those that didn't learn those lessons in the 90's) are pushing to make the same mistakes again. Only this time the results could be different: people not buying US-made software anymore. And with open source crypto generaly available now this won't work anyway.

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