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Comment: Re:Google is just creating an entry... (Score 2) 160

by johanw (#48186925) Attached to: Google Changes 'To Fight Piracy' By Highlighting Legal Sites

Yes, I'm also switching to more privacy-friendly search engines. It can go quickly - remember AltaVista when Google came up?

That new search engine has to be in a free country however. The US gives in too quickly when bribes, I mean campaign money, is offered by media companies.

Comment: Re:News at 11. (Score 1) 282

by johanw (#48129293) Attached to: Four Dutch Uberpop Taxi Drivers Arrested, Fined

The money doesn't expire, it is written on the card. That was done as an insurance against network failures. That's why when the first cards got hacked the saldo could be increased with a RFID writer. The card does expire after several years though.

Creditcards are generally seldom used in The Netherlands because our own banking cards charge much less costs. Don't expect to be able to pay with a credit card in most shops, especially outside the tourist areas. Cash is king.

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