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Comment The phone OS wars are settled (Score 1) 46

And Android is the clear winner, with iOS a good second. I don't see more than 2 major OSes on this market. Other OSes will only remain alive when they are developed for free, or when big companies are willing to compensate the losses (Samsung with Tizen and Microsoft with Windows Phone).

Comment Capitalist indoctrination makes them blind (Score 4, Insightful) 418

They mention only companies, assuming power over them if they sell products in the UK. The capitalist status quo. So open source software or free software developed outside the UK can just ignore that law. Blocking services might be an option (Signal / TextSecure) or not (SMSSecure, pgp/GnuPG).

Comment Technical solution (Score 1) 216

Just as NSA snooping has a technical solution, encryptiion; do have debt collectors calls: call blockers with social options. I didn't know the problem was so big in the US, but when I searched for call blockers in Google Play I found some with community-maintained databases of numbers used by sales people, debt collectors and other phone scum.

Comment Re:Stated Intent Means Virtually Nothing (Score 4, Interesting) 92

Some company tried to enforce that clause in The Netherlands after THEY fired someone. When it came to court, the judge ordered that they could enforce it, but then they had to pay the former employee full salary for doing nothing at home because it would prevent him from getting a job. Suddenly the clause was dropped...

Comment Re:Why did they take a male duck (Score 1) 264

BTW, we need more emojis to express political ideas. A swastika and a hammer and sickle emoji are badly needed when discussing politics. To describe one's opinion about a certain politicial perhaps gallow and guillotine emojis. Now we are stuk with the much too soft middle finger emoji. :-)

At least with the new racial emojis we can now describe a white cop shooting a black guy, but the smiley face to show after that is available only in yellow.

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