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Comment Like a LPR for electronics (Score 1) 120

So he wants to build a license plate reader for technocrap. As most gear is set in WiFi whore mode by default, you could build a decent database of "who, where, when" the same way LPRs work. Stick these up on lamposts, or even better at the entrance and exit routes of your town and start building your database. What could go wrong?


Comment In other news... (Score 2) 122

20% of Healthcare CIOs are idiots or liars. Every healthcare organization has seen the basic web malware on the the inside of the firewall. If they haven't been cyptolockered at least once, the do not use the internet. Patching in healthcare sucks. Doctors do anything they want with IT systems. If you have an electronic healthcare record, someone unauthorized has seen it. Hospitals systems are busy building new sites and cutting IT 10%. I saw one EHR deployment where every client/user logged into the database as "SA". The only faith I have in the system is that it has been compromised already...


Comment Harddrive for a 386 (Score 1) 620

My desktop tech brought me a 386 that had a failed hard drive due to a building collapse (a longer story). It was part of a 3 computer "network" that housed a database of "drug buy" money for the local police department. We replaced the harddrive and put DOS and the database back on it (via floppy backup no less). To the best of my knowledge, it is still in service today. That is how you keep the hackers out!


Comment Guns, lots of Guns (Score 1) 87

Who says they need to replace existing memories? Booting up 5 years of flight school after one operation seems like an obvious use of this technology. Downloading a full Chinese or Korean vocabulary would be handy as well. Even if training the muscles took time, having the data local would sure expedite the process. Think of all the roles, military and otherwise that require memorization of facts/processes and the applications of this tech become had to imagine.


Comment Re:No (Score 2) 749

'The more that pseudoscience goes unchecked in the world at large, the harder it is for truth to overcome truthiness... even if this is a small and relatively insignificant example.' ~

'For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.' ~ Carl Sagan

Asking for people to behave rationally may not always be the easy way, but in my experience it is almost always worth doing. I think as a species we'd be a lot better off if everyone valued rationality highly, so I think we should encourage that in everyone.

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