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Comment: Guns, lots of Guns (Score 1) 87 87

by stinkydog (#47417119) Attached to: A Brain Implant For Synthetic Memory

Who says they need to replace existing memories? Booting up 5 years of flight school after one operation seems like an obvious use of this technology. Downloading a full Chinese or Korean vocabulary would be handy as well. Even if training the muscles took time, having the data local would sure expedite the process. Think of all the roles, military and otherwise that require memorization of facts/processes and the applications of this tech become had to imagine.


Comment: I call BS (Score 1) 462 462

by stinkydog (#37641290) Attached to: Ohio Supreme Court Drawn Into Magnetic Homes Case

Magnetized steel beams are not the likely culprit. How did it make it this far with such a lousy summary? This reads as a grounding issue. The symptoms fit perfectly. The steel beams are connected to earth at one potential and the grounding rod / waterline bond is at another. Somewhere in the house, connections are bridged so current is flowing from one ground path to the other on a high resistance link. The fix is to bond the building steel to the common earth that the electrical panel is utilizing with a hefty piece of copper wire. Drain the imbalance and modern electrical equipment starts working correctly.


Comment: Assume they are as stupid as they are. (Score 1) 765 765

by stinkydog (#32882572) Attached to: Retrieving a Stolen Laptop By IP Address Alone?

Place an email on the account the laptop is checking:

The RAM/Bike/Boat you sold me is working perfectly, but I have misplaced your address. Please let me know where to send the $300 cash.

Once you have an address, you have something to talk to the police about.


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