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Submission + - AMD To Retire Catalyst Control Center Drivers, Rolling Out New Crimson Platform (

MojoKid writes: AMD has gone through significant changes as a company over the last few months. Recently, we've seen them enter into a joint venture with Nantong Fujitsu for final assembly and test operations and form the new Radeon Technologies Group, led by longtime graphics guru Raja Koduri. Today, AMD is announcing another big change, and this one affects a piece of software that you may have running on your systems right now, if there's a Radeon graphics card on board. AMD is ditching Catalyst Control Center in favor of newly architected solutions dubbed Radeon Settings, which is a critical part of what AMD is calling the Radeon Software Crimson Edition. Radeon Software Crimson Edition is completely re-architected and is claimed to offer new features, improvements to stability and responsiveness, and performance improvements as well. The update will include a new Game Manager, video quality presets, social media integration, simplified EF setup, a system notifications tab, and more. It looks as though the first version of the software will be out this month.

Comment Re:They're all scams anyway. (Score -1, Troll) 225

Actually, if you have enough money to jump on the overpriced apple bandwagon, you should go out and find the most expensive insurance plan regardless of the coverage so that you will have a nice match. According to the president spending money foolishly will stimulate the economy so you will also be patriotic.

Comment Re:I don't know .... (Score 1) 575

My personal thought is, who cares? You get what you pay for, right? Services like Khan Academy are great if they're helping people learn things they wouldn't otherwise take an interest in learning about, or if it enables learning they were interested in but couldn't afford traditional methods of education.

If you're already IN a traditional classroom environment, then no - I'm not sure Khan Academy lessons are so great. I mean, you have to ask, as a paying student, why you're paying your hard-earned money to get a personal classroom experience with supposed educational professionals, who turn around and ask you to sit through canned Khan presentations instead of presenting the material themselves.

As for the "precise explanation of mathematical concepts to be mere nitpicking"? Maybe it is, really? By that, I mean, most people are really only interested in learning math as long as it allows them to accomplish something. The minority who find the theory itself fascinating and want to learn more math for the sake of learning it are the ones who will probably move beyond whatever Khan Academy teaches, and consult other sources.

If you know enough math to get correct answers to the problem you encounter as part of your daily life or job, then that's likely ALL the math you really need to know.

You never get what you pay for when the government is paying the tab with your money. In the US, the student loan program has priced a decent education out of the reach of all but the very wealthy and put millions of others into debt hell. You would need a masters degree to get a job that pays enough to work your way through college.

Comment Re:thickness (Score 1) 195

Many builders are amateurs who are not well informed or careful enough to apply thermal compound optimally. I have found the AMD supplied pads to provide adequate thermal transfer without the bother of thermal compound. Back in my electronic repair days I found thermal compound deteriorates into a dry chalky substance over time. This was a few decades ago so modern versions may be much better in this regard. The efficiency of thermal compound however, varies greatly with the expertise of the user in its application.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 2) 408

One of the reasons that I read Slashdot and other internet information aggregates is because I distrust all traditional news media outlets. At least I get to hear various sides of arguments and if I am informed enough about a subject I can usually discern the truth. In theory journalists are unbiased. Anyone care to evaluate what happens in practice. One of the conditions of employment for New York Times employees that are involved in producing news content, is that they abstain from making political financial contributions. This is to protect the papers image as an unbiased reporter of facts. Two employees who were subject to the rule were listed in contributor public disclosure documents of a political candidate. Their "punishment" was a requirement to ask for their money back. Lack of accountability is the root cause of false reporting due to bias.

Comment Re:This Is Slashdot's Forte (Score 1) 963

I also avoid getting into the commentary on this subject. I mean look at all the stale arguments and trolling on both sides. After all, who cares, after Dec 21 we're all toast anyway. Why waste time on saving a doomed planet. And even if we survive the Dec 21 thing, I saw on the history channel that the ancient aliens wiped out the dinosaurs, so how long before they get tired of the bozos in power screwing up everything just to hold on to their phoney jobs. I have to go, my dog is talking to me.

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