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Comment Re:$400/mo for 10,000Mbps, $45/mo for 50 (Score 1) 141

I'd have to split out the combined phone/TV/Internet bill from Verizon but I am not paying a whole lot more than you are for 75/75. Then again I negotiated when they tried to up my price and wound up getting it cut even lower than it was (Thanks for letting me use your name in vain Xfinity, as if I ever *would* switch to you).

Comment Re:It seems to work, too (Score 1) 126

Oh I agree. I rarely have to call the TAC but it can be a struggle. That's why a lot of our clients use our support services. I don't work our support desk, I do design/pre-sales/installation/consulting, but the guys who take calls are really good. They rarely have to escalate to the TAC unless it's a bug.

Comment It seems to work, too (Score 4, Insightful) 126

I do a lot of Check Point engineering/consulting services and this is one of the more exciting things they've done in awhile. Even though they didn't actually develop it they've done a good job integrating into their firewall suite. It is not a panacea; nothing in security is, but it is good stuff.


NSF Makes It Rain: $722K Award To Evaluate Microsoft-Backed TEALS 64

theodp writes: Microsoft has $92 billion in cash parked offshore, so it's kind of surprising to see a $722K National Science Foundation award is going towards validating the efficacy of Microsoft TEALS, the pet program of CEO Satya Nadella that sends volunteer software engineers with no teaching experience into high schools to teach kids and their teachers computer science. Among its Program Changes for 2015, TEALS said it "explicitly commits to provide a core set of curriculum materials that are complete, organized, and adaptable," which should help improve the outcome of the Developing Computer Science Pedagogical Content Knowledge through On-the-Job Learning NSF study schools are being asked to participate in. Meanwhile, CSTUY, a volunteer organization led by experienced CS teachers (including Slashdot user zamansky), finds itself turning to Kickstarter for $25K to fund Saturday Hacking Sessions. So, as Microsoft-backed — which has also attracted NSF award money to validate its CS program — is fond of saying: What's wrong with this picture? (To be fair to TEALS: it may have Microsoft backing, but it's not strictly a Microsoft effort, and also started out as a pure volunteer effort, as founder Kevin Wang explained earlier this year.)

Comment Solve the actual underlying problem (Score 1) 492

Not the symptom or its manifestation.

The fundamental problem is that few US citizens are motivated to attain high levels of education, and to earn their wages / wealth by contributing to society, rather than living off subsidies doled out by the guvment.

A related problem is the high debts incurred in the process of getting educated, thereby creating wage slaves.

Another less fundamental problem is that the dollar is artificially high, and kept there by vested interests. If the market value of the dollar reflects its true worth, people from India will neither be motivated to move in to the US, nor supply manpower, because it will yield fewer rupees.

So long as these basic issues are addressed, we will see more of such Hem and Haw, dithering and filibustering, rather than resolution.

Comment Re:No problems for me (Score -1, Troll) 203

Idiot. The problem occurs when there are orphaned SIDs in the registry and no real users corresponding. Happens every time in a domain attached PC with Active Directory in every single corporate network. So about let's say 30% of the cases.

Roughly 10 million machines with the problem. Very good I say!

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