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Comment: Re:That's easy! (Score 1) 146

by jkflying (#48131951) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Sales Approach 4 Million

And pray tell, what would you do with the custom language that the BIOS/GPU microcode is written in? There is no compiler for it or published hardware targets to even write a compiler for. For it to have any value at all they would also have to release an in-house compiler and publish API specs for internal components of hardware designs which they probably don't even own publishing rights to.

Comment: Re:lol capitalism. (Score 1) 76

by jkflying (#48033395) Attached to: eBay To Spin Off PayPal

Most of what PayPal is used for doesn't have any physical customer interaction. For example, it's one of the few payment services I trust enough to make payments to small manufacturers in China. For that kind of transaction, One Touch is useless unless 1) I'm willing to pay several hundred dollars in down-payment on an Apple device, 2) fly out to China each time I need to pay for something. While One Touch might work for your local shopping mall, IMO Apple is getting into that market just as the market is trending towards the way Paypal operates, with purchases made online.

Comment: Re:Well at least they saved the children! (Score 1) 790

Assuming Google is a halfway competent tech company and is using at least a SHA1 hash, if you manage to create any file with an accidental hash collision you'll be the first person in history to do so, never mind a valid image file. And if they use a longer hash, well, the chances just become more astronomical.

Comment: Re:Solaris not well supported by OSS toolchain (Score 1) 183

by jkflying (#47436829) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Dedicated Low Power Embedded Dev System Choice?

An MSP430 has idle currents measured in uA, and a chip costs in the region of $1.50, with no external components required. BBB isn't useful in applications that require running off of a watch battery for a year, and isn't cheap enough to consider adding as an additional component in consumer electronics.

Comment: Re:What the hell is a "punter "? (Score 1) 374

by jkflying (#46456927) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can I Prepare For the Theft of My Android Phone?

As somebody from South Africa (and who even takes the train through Salt River), I have to say I was also a bit confused. I'm assuming they meant a fence, although a fence isn't really "oblivious" as OP said. Perhaps they mean a customer who just happens to find a 'great deal' on a refurbished phone at their local pawn shop...

Comment: Re:Boolean logic lessons (Score 0) 285

If you're male and reading /. you won't be seeking an abortion for a significant other because you're single.

Thus, since you are addressing a /. audience, your logic can be simplified to :

Texas legislature is no problem as long as you are male or not seeking an abortion.

But 2/5 for effort.

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"