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Comment: Re:What the hell is a "punter "? (Score 1) 374

by jkflying (#46456927) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can I Prepare For the Theft of My Android Phone?

As somebody from South Africa (and who even takes the train through Salt River), I have to say I was also a bit confused. I'm assuming they meant a fence, although a fence isn't really "oblivious" as OP said. Perhaps they mean a customer who just happens to find a 'great deal' on a refurbished phone at their local pawn shop...

Comment: Re:Boolean logic lessons (Score 0) 285

If you're male and reading /. you won't be seeking an abortion for a significant other because you're single.

Thus, since you are addressing a /. audience, your logic can be simplified to :

Texas legislature is no problem as long as you are male or not seeking an abortion.

But 2/5 for effort.

Comment: Re:The firmware remains proprietary (Score 1) 100

It exponentially increases the amount of code that would have to be reviewed for proprietary secrets and patent infringement. On the other hand, just releasing the drivers wouldn't be as much of an issue, since they just target an interface that doesn't reveal what happens on the other side.

Comment: Re:Further proof that anti-GMO is all about the mo (Score 1) 194

by jkflying (#45508183) Attached to: Make Way For "Mutant" Crops As GM Foods Face Opposition

No, from the very papers you referenced, it has been found that *a single* GMO crop didn't have higher yields than classical crops. You can't extrapolate that to others.

Your generalization is like saying the inline assembler optimizations one programmer performed didn't speed up a program, so inline assembler optimizations can't speed up programs. Which is clearly BS.

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