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Comment Re:Uh huh. (Score 2, Insightful) 459

And this is what sociopath does; concocts elaborate, vile and usually illegal schemes, convinces a bunch of underlings to execute them, and then, when caught, tries to throw them under the bus.

It's why sociopaths should be outlawed from all management positions of any kind, right down to crew shift chief at McDonald's.

Comment Re:Natural effects of a maturing field? (Score 1) 350

So long as companies have an easy route to cheaper labor, I can't see how any union/professional association is going to make a difference. Unless laws give such groups teeth, whether that's through some sort of enforced collective bargaining process, or through certification requirements, all this IT union would do is stand outside the gates and watch replacement workers from India flowing in.

Mind you, the minute you do have a professional association, that does mean certifications, which means that a lot of self-taught workers (like myself) could be screwed pretty badly unless some sort of a grandfathering mechanism is put in place.

Comment Re:Somebody Else's Problem (Was:Sandy Hook) (Score 1) 1163

The majority? Really? We know that of the last few public shootings, it's pretty damned clear the perps involved were lunatics. The closest I can think of to a sane mass shooter is Anders Brevik, and while obviously sane by any legal definition, was clearly a ideologically nutty narcissistic nutbar who had been sending out signals for years that he was a dangerous extremist.

Comment Re:What the hell is wrong with people? (Score 1) 1163

That may be so, but considering the number of threats I've seen over the years that never lead to any action, how are we supposed to know when some kook is being serious or just being a macho man on the Intertubes?

For instance, I've been threatened with legal action about five times since I first went on the Internet in the early 1990s (well, Usenet really). I've had a couple of people threaten to come beat the shit out of me, one of them back in the mid-90s when I was actually using my real name and posted my phone number on email and Usenet posts!

Considering the US has over 300 million people, I'd suggest that several thousand probably make some sort of wild-assed threat every month, but of those thousands, we're talking only a handful ever act on those threats.

Comment Re:Antitrust... (Score 1) 223

I bought my Chromecast directly from Google Play. Came in the mail three or four days later. A week later, they had a whole rack of them at Walmart.

Other than a sort of "no Pepsi in the Coca Cola bottling facility" sort of way, I can't see how this would have any measurable impact on Amazon's competitors. It is typical of the kind of behavior that miserable piece of shit Bezos is known for. A grade A sociopathic prick.

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