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Comment Re:Yet another reason to avoid Oracle (Score 1) 229

I'll have to disagree with you on that. Java in a browser has indeed sucked, and probably always will. Java outside of a browser has been great and getting better since 1.4, especially on the server end. I've made swing applications indistinguishable from a native windows application, webservices and backend processes that have very large uptimes. Granted there are some bolt on stuff that totally sucks like JSF, but what idiot does browser side code mixed with backend code in a crappy framework like asf/jsf.

Comment Re:Pricey (Score 1) 109

1) If i could guarantee 150 miles per day at 70mph minimum (speed limit is 70), that would cover my commute. Driving with a bunch of batteries, waiting to get rear ended however, not looking forward to, but a minor concern.

2) No RV stations, and no place to charge at my destination. If I'm low on juice at my destination, I'm screwed and can't get home. I can buy gas within 5 minutes of any point along my route. Thieves are also common in my city, so having a plug outside the home is an invitation to be robbed, if just for the plug's metal alone, plus if I can afford a tesla, what other expensive goodies are in my house.

3) If tesla isn't charging, who is paying for the electricity? Electricity ain't cheap here, esp during the summer. What motivation is there for third parties to install chargers at existing stations if it brings in zero revenue. What is the charging time? It already takes 90 minutes to get to work, I can't wait another 30 on the road to charge up if some damn prankster kid unplugged me over night.

Comment A Definate Maybe (Score 1) 296

I have a couple listed on my resume. I'm sure it helped get my foot in the door past the recruiting / HR shrews to get to an actual interview.
Was it worth the cost? Hard to say in the long run, but I think in the beginning it helped just a tiny bit to stand out from competition. They weren't all that costly to begin with, but at that time in my life, sure seemed like it.

As for further certs, push for the employer to pay for you getting them. Plenty of certs I never bothered to get, but studied for anyway just to stay ahead of the curve and keep my skills sharp.

Comment Wrong Target Audience (Score 1) 202

I frequently see ads featuring Yao Ming and Jackie Chan regarding rhino horns.

I live in 'Murica, WTF do I care about a rhino horn that I'd want to buy some?
I don't eat deep fried scorpions or snakes, vaccinate my children, and wash my hands after pewping, thus I'm a person of at *least* average intelligence. Explain to me the desire to ingest what is effectively very large toenail in powdered form.

They should be directing these commercials at the backwater countries that believe in this bovine manure, like asian and mexico/south america.

Comment Duh, Just use Dino Juice (Score 1) 597

This is so stupid. Telsa cars are a waste for a majority of the nation, as we like to drive beyond our city, or commute long distance. You know what's more efficient than wasting all this money on home electrical conversion and expensive batteries...? Gasoline. Super efficient means of moving energy from one place to another and lighter than a big nasty caustic battery, and I don't have to reconfigure my house to use gasoline.

And thats before even getting into the electrical merits pointed out by others.

Comment I give you N Rays (Score 1) 320

What do you get when respected members of a group have their work questioned? They call their detractors 'deniers' and try to establish a consensus, (as if a fact is something that could be voted upon), to cover up their mistakes and double down on their flawed models. I give you N Rays.


It takes a jack-ass who refuses to blindly accept to point out the Emperor has no clothes and prove it.

'Murica, we're filled with Jack-Asses ;)

"It's like deja vu all over again." -- Yogi Berra