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Comment: Re:Because plastic is for pansies (Score 2) 333

by jimmifett (#45370635) Attached to: Solid Concepts Manufactures First 3D-Printed Metal Pistol

Crazy... like a fox!
I personally don't care what irrational hoplophobic pansies who are afraid of guns think as like as they don't try to take away my ability to defend what I care about. Hoplophobes are the crazy ones for entrusting their personal safety and that of their families and property to a limited pool of people that take time to respond against those that aren't afraid to bring force upon them for nefarious purposes.

I keep small fire extinguishers around my house in case of fire. I keep guns securely in case of anything else. Just another part of being prepared.

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by jimmifett (#45369325) Attached to: Solid Concepts Manufactures First 3D-Printed Metal Pistol

Not just protect against guns.
Knives, sharp sticks, sonic electronic ball breakers, call of duty dogs, crowbars, baseball bats, fists, hands wrapped in cloth covered in glue and glass, intruders without search warrants, various assorted thugs (of a wide variety of melanin levels; with or without hooded sweatshirts and fruity chews).

Perhaps you're more likely to accidentally discharge a firearm, my family is safety trained, if not all marksman trained, and respects them as the tool they are, not toys.

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by jimmifett (#45036177) Attached to: Adobe Hacked: Almost 3 Million Accounts Compromised

I know i'm in the vast minority here defending ColdFusion, but likely you haven't done anything with coldfusion in the last couple years (if at all) and only recall the old days when CF was just a tag based language.

It's come along way, no longer needing the old tag based language. Like many languages, any idiot can use it quickly, but an experienced programmer can make it shine. It happens to suffer from bad image from graphic design luddites and non-programmers using the quickest route to access databases with no thought of query security, application security, session or even authentication security. They just want the quick access and CF makes that possible. Of course, java, .net and php also makes this possible, with a little bit more language in the middle, but that still doesn't stop idiots with no security concerns from quickly throwing up crappy php tables with huge sql injection holes because they didn't bother to learn the less of little bobby tables.

Take into account the huge swath of poorly written php pages that don't break up logic into some sort of MVC strategy, same for jsp and (tho i will grant that those languages have a higher entry bar and thus a little higher level of developer behind it.

While I can't speak for other CF devs (and yes, i also work heavily with the rest of the alphabet soup in the web dev world), imo, only the noobs use CF's UI based features (with notable exceptions, specific tags are fast as hell, being heavily optimized), which is the same as those using random company's .net controls or downloading a fancy jquery snippet, not knowing what's going on under the hood. My code is based on solid framework design, object oriented, pure cfscript (ecmascript like language), and is modeled similar to java beans. Hell, I can easily convert my code to native java beans with very little logic changes, just a bunch more language cruft.

Could I do the same stuff in native java or .net being more memory and cpu efficient? sure, but I also trace my code and optimize for cpu and memory efficiency as I go, as a real developer should. Also, using .net controls sucks. Would it take significantly longer? you betcha. More securely? not particularly.

It could be worse, I could be a Ruby developer. Now those guys are delusional like the history channel guy proclaiming "Aliens!"

Comment: Re:So Mr. Manning "suffers from" narcissism? (Score 1) 784

by jimmifett (#44642971) Attached to: Bradley Manning Wants To Live As a Woman

I suffer from being an egotistical prick.
Do you know how hard it is, every single day, walking around knowing that you are smarter than 99% of the people you know, having to be surrounded by dumbasses and pretend to give their asinine opinions merit?

Waking up every morning, dreading driving to work because one is surrounded by idiots that can't drive in the rain, signal, or put on wigs and lipstick while driving?
Having to go to lunch and watch as your coworkers can't figure out a tip without a calculator? Slide the decimal one digit left and add half the result!

More people should think of MY feelings, after all, the universe does in fact revolve around me. /sarcasm

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by jimmifett (#44578405) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Is It OK To Not Give Notice?

It depends on the type of work you do. Let's say it's an office job. You give your two weeks, employer has option of granting or walking you out. If you are walked out, that news spreads to the other employees and kills office morale if they think the person was nice, a productive worker, and makes the company they work for seem scummy and that it might be a good time to reevaluate themselves. If the person is a jerk, ppl are likely to think "finally, can't believe she was here that long to begin with" and think little else of it.

If the company goes with the two weeks, maybe throw in a small pizza party or some cake during a good bye party, it boosts morale of those still remaining. Those employees don't feel the urge to bolt and leave unfinished tasks undone, and everyone benefits.

Of course, this is all predicated on the business's financial status. Do they continue to pay while looking for a replacement. Do they have a track record of reduced production of employees on the way out? It may make better financial sense to just let that person go on the spot. Paying any kind of severance helps to keep up morale of the other workers, but if the business can't afford it, they can't afford it.

What isn't needed is some asinine regulation requiring severance or something else to make getting rid of bad employees anymore difficult. That leads to not hiring untested entry level positions that are a pain to get rid of later, and leads to large youth unemployment, like france.

Comment: If you hoped your employer would... (Score 1) 600

If you hoped your employer would fire you, or reduce you to being a part time employee, or if already part time, limited to 29.5 hours weekly to avoid the added costs of obamacare, then you might may be disappointed for a while.

On the other hand, you may be rejoicing this small reprieve from this disaster

Comment: Let's not forget what caused this... (Score 1) 1103

The reason free checking disappeared and made things like this pay-card an option is big government trying to impose bad legislation to banks: the Dodd-Frank thing that all but killed free checking by cutting off the revenue stream that subsidized it.

Now banks are looking for creative alternatives and one gets junk like this pay-card nonsense.

Creative alternatives... like bundling bad mortgages together that banks were forced to accept in the first place by the community re-investment act and playing hot-potato with them until the market fell out. Adjustable Rate Mortgages? A creative alternative to be able to handle these forced loans to ppl who would not qualify for a normal loan. That turned out well.

But hey, evil corporations and banks, amiright?

Is a person who blows up banks an econoclast?