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Comment: Re:Open-source is no longer a threat to them (Score 1) 216

by jhol13 (#48622689) Attached to: What Will Microsoft's "Embrace" of Open Source Actually Achieve?

What I think they are pushing is Xamarin.
That way they would get far more developers for Windows Phone. The best part for Microsoft is that the applications made in Xamarin works best on Windows Phone. When the sore losers who picked Xamarin have 1M lines of code they no longer can back out, but Microsoft won't care (to fix the "corner cases"), the next hit game is first and best in Windows Phone.

Comment: Re:Nucular (Score 1) 172

by jhol13 (#48257717) Attached to: EU Sets Goal To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions 40% By 2030

I have never claimed it would be a picnic. I just said it is nowhere near top five problems we are going to encounter, though it will be a problem.

The claim "pests will conquer us" is a tad, well, one sided. We will get some "nice" immigration too - but the alarmists never mention those.
Same with the weather, in every alarmist article it "will suck" or as you point it "there is a possibility"[1]. If the last five summers is any indication, the weather will *improve* considerably (for us humans, sure some "pests" might suffer).
Furthermore I do not think we should burn coal, and in any case certainly should not burn oil, it is far too scarce and valuable and should be used only in mobile systems (planes, ships, cars to some extend).

I wonder if you fear every other change too. New job? "But there is a distinct possibility it will suck". Getting married, buying house, going to a vacation, ...

[1] And then not mentioning that the possibility is ridiculously small.

Comment: Nucular (Score 1, Interesting) 172

by jhol13 (#48230795) Attached to: EU Sets Goal To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions 40% By 2030

And at the same time they dislike "nucular" 'cos it is ..., well, "nucular".

I live in Northern Europe - for us this will mean insane regulations. Just insane.
The people who we call "redgreen" (communistic-environmentalist-extremists) are the second biggest problem to earth. The biggest is exponential population growth. Global warming is somewhere aroung fifth to tenth - at least for us here in the north.

Comment: Re:Finlandization is moral debasement (Score 1) 138

Sure, there were censoship after the war, but the GP was talking about -80s. If public libraries did not purchase something, it is hardly censorship, is it? One library decided not to buy Donald Duck though it was widely available in shops. Buying or selling any book was not illegal, not even "Mein Kampf". (Offtopic: I hope every neo-nazi reads the book, 'cause it is bullshit).

OK, I'll give that the classification board can be considered censorship, though it could not prohibit import or private viewing (they were always legal), only movie shows and sales (it was designed to stop violence and during one period even porn - as if that stopped anyone after first VHS). The board was considered a big joke in Finland.

The Renny Harlin movie is probably error in the Wikipedia, -86 was no longer the time of Finlandiseirung - Kekkonen died that year. OTOH the movie should be banned worldwide, and not be shown ever again anywhere, it is so bad.
The classification board did quite a few idiotic and objectionable decisions, for example "One, Two, Three" was banned (no TV or movie shows allowed).

Comment: Re:Finlandization... (Score 1) 138

I call bullshit.
What would have happened is the same as what happened with the Lake Inari missile, except less press. USSR would have said it was a practice, the estimate to hit would have been changed from 20 seconds to few minutes, "no real danger", and the Finnish government and Army would have completely agreed.

Comment: Re:Finlandization is moral debasement (Score 1, Interesting) 138

You and GP are so wrong. There is no chance Finland would have "voluntarily" joined Soviet Union. I am willing to bet at least 70% of the population would have rather went to fight in a war than join SU. Sure a lot though the best policy for Finland is to have very close political and economical ties to SU, but joining ... no way.

Then there were no cencorship, none at all. Sure the press, and especially government owned YLE, did have a strong bias and they did suppress bad publicity, but there was no censoring done by the government. The suppressing bad was not the worst, there were huge amount of overly positive articles, TV and radio shows, etc. of the "marvellous things Soviet Unioin accomplished" - quite a few colored or total lies. For example the (Finnish) Greens of that time repeated the lie that "there are no environmental problems in SU" - later the horrible pollution was of course revealed.

Comment: Re:Testing is not verification. (Score 1) 157

by jhol13 (#47784203) Attached to: Software Error Caused Soyuz/Galileo Failure

When has a layer done anything more than prevented use of public domain code "because it might be a problem"? I have never heard of a "regulator". I should have, if there is one.

As is bloody obvious, space system software is programmed by the same cowboy coders as web pages. I do not believe medical equipment are done a bit differently.

Your "once I get all the bugs fixed" was funny, though, thanks!

Someone in this thread mentioned formal proofs - they are going to increase by two orders of magnitude next few years. That means there will be ~100 programs formally proven (during next few years) in the world.

Seriously, generated code is "big" in the future - properly done they are much easier to test and verify.

Comment: Re:Things (Score 1) 191

by jhol13 (#47744721) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Prepared Are You For an Earthquake?

Exactly. I am somewhat prepared for lightnings. I have good backups of my computer stuff off site (protects from fire too). I have UPS for PC and remote controlled switches to "separate" TV etc. from mains. Obviously those will not protect at all if the lightning hits my house. But it can protect if the lightning hits more than 100 meters away - which extremely more likely.

Comment: Re:Why not off Samba shares? (Score 1) 112

by jhol13 (#47687539) Attached to: Xbox One Will Play Media from USB Devices, DLNA Servers

Would you really expect it to transfer PCM 44k1/16bit over network?

Oh, boy ... how on earth does your daughter watch cartoons over DLNA, if 1.35 Mbit/s is too much? Choppy pixelated crap?

DLNA server is a program, which is to be run in the server (which is assumed to be Windows). HTTP server is a program, setting it up is as trivial as DLNA server. DLNA is http with extra, unneeded, headers & complications. Similar programs are anonymous ftp, etc. Sharing a folder in Windows is one click operation. My Android found my samba share without any problems. Try "smbclient -L //server". Or start a http server, ask your daughter to find Music on it. Or Videos. Note: I am not against UPnP, only against DLNA.

DLNA is easier to set up only because some braindead idiot decided it to be a standard (instead of http/ftp/nfs/samba/net-radio/...), and manufacturers agreed. I bet the reason is "content protection".

My Samsung DVD player cannot handle streaming data at all! It cannot play[1] net radio stations. It works only with Samsungs own server, with 320kbit/s or slower mp3, not with any other (freeware) server without hours of C programming & setup modifications. Ask yout wife about WAF! Everybody complains the DLNA implementations being shit - it cannot be a coincidence, the spec must be too loose, convoluted and poor.

{1] With any meaningfull definition of "can".

Comment: Re:Why not off Samba shares? (Score 1) 112

by jhol13 (#47682339) Attached to: Xbox One Will Play Media from USB Devices, DLNA Servers

The idea of the DLNA is to play audio. If it does not specify what kind of audio it plays, then the spec is idiotic. If it does not specify PCM (44.1khz 16bit) it is double so. But then I have a faint recollection it did specify low-bitrate mp3 and wma ONLY, but am not sure. Anyway the dlna loses on every aspect to NFS, Samba, anonymous ftp, pure http, ... you name it. Give one reason for it to exist.

Back then when I tried it, PS2 and and quite a few others refused to play if the HTML header was not exactly as the player expected it to be. Pick up some source code of a dlna server if you do not believe me.

Comment: Re:Why not off Samba shares? (Score 2) 112

by jhol13 (#47660863) Attached to: Xbox One Will Play Media from USB Devices, DLNA Servers

Exactly. I once tried to get DLNA working and ... succeeded. If was a nightmare. The player was broken (did tcp resets), the protocol was so diverse as to make two players require two servers, the player could not play even PCM (not to mention flac or even mp3 higher than 320kbps). Totally useless.

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