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Comment Re:Colorado sure has nice beaches (Score 1) 940 940

Are you really claiming 1% of the rich could not buy all the houses (i.e. land), even if you government would give permits "everywhere"?

Tell me one reason why the rich would not buy all the property, even if there is (un)reasonable amount. That way they can control the people thus ensuring they always get a bigger slice.

I think this is the next phase on the "fewer owning more and more": you'd be better of being a slave than having a job & rent.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 892 892

They only want "this" person for the top positions (board, ceo, etc), and they they give such a huge offer that there is no need to negotiate. Or if there is, they just make a new, bigger one.

Honestly, recruiting talent is not difficult, finding talent is. Sticking to "this person" is stupid, nobody is irreplaceable, at least not after "being hit by a bus".

Comment Re:Well Then (Score 1) 148 148

5: Use AllowUsers. Quite often there are only one or two users who need ssh access (from external IP's), so enable only those and limit the rest to local net (or disable altogether).
6: Use non-standard port. Won't help against NSA, but helps against script kiddies (who are not targeting you).

Comment Re:Pullin' a Gates? (Score 3, Insightful) 449 449

Why not? Currently Firefox has problems rendering (loading) two pages simultaneously, although it should be able to handle tens, using several cores.
Same with Evince (which is crap anyway), it cannot do anything in parallel, should be able to use tens of cores.
Javascript? Although the language is the worst I have seen since APL, a smart compiler could at least in some cases parallelize it (maybe with speculative execution or like).
And so on.

It will turn out to be as wrong as "640k".

Comment Re:Open-source is no longer a threat to them (Score 1) 217 217

What I think they are pushing is Xamarin.
That way they would get far more developers for Windows Phone. The best part for Microsoft is that the applications made in Xamarin works best on Windows Phone. When the sore losers who picked Xamarin have 1M lines of code they no longer can back out, but Microsoft won't care (to fix the "corner cases"), the next hit game is first and best in Windows Phone.

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