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Comment: Re:Don't take the fall (Score 1) 308

by jgarry (#46145847) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Do You Do If You're Given a Broken Project?

I've seen another variant of this:

They've dumped it on a contractor because they "knew" it was doomed. Contract not renewed. Six months later, original "hero" is gone, and new contract, with more realistic requirements.

Sometimes what they say they know, what they actually know, and what they come to believe are not congruent.

Comment: Re:I read the Satanic Temple's page (Score 1) 1251

probably shouldn't have surfed to that URL at work though..... but their site actually comes across as quite rational and reasonable. Not what I was expecting at all.

It really comes to something when a website for a type of church can be considered NSFW. I understand though -- in my 10 years in corporate America I sure kept my atheistic head down. Nothing would have finished a career quicker than letting my screaming, wall-thumping, secretary-humping, second-wife-divorcing bosses know that I was not also a Christian.

Comment: Views, Materialized views? (Score 1) 165

by slimdave (#45623545) Attached to: Why Reactive Programming For Databases Is Awesome

The idea of embedding a calculation into the system that is automatically updated by underlying data changes -- is that not just a database view?

We use this sort of technique quite widely in a Ruby on Rails app I work on -- complex calculations such as for profitability and cash flow are defined as views in Postgres, and referenced by the app as read-only models. Thus we can: Profitability.where(product_id: 27).group(:month).sum(:value)

Performs monstrously fast, as is extremely flexible. It breaks the whole "for the love of gods don't put business logic in the database" separation of concerns idea, but we have a system to ship right now and we can't wait for RoR performance and flexibility to catch-up that much.

Comment: Re:NEVER (Score 1) 549

by jgarry (#45590721) Attached to: RF Safe-Stop Shuts Down Car Engines With Radio Pulse

Most modern automatic transmissions don't have the necessary hardware to turn the engine. That's why you can't push start them. Computer controlled transmissions have odd fail modes too (like those Lexus that crash and burn because they can't stop).

I had an engine stall in a '69 Cadillac while starting a turn into a driveway. Wound up in neighbor's ivy.

Comment: Not an issue ... (Score 2) 195

by slimdave (#45499609) Attached to: Project Free TV, YIFY, PrimeWire Blocked In the UK

Because only a trivially small proportion of the population cares. Few have even heard about these services.

If you care about free TV in the UK then you could start by not watching or recording live transmissions, and you then have no obligation to pay the TV license -- they only waste it on extra redundancy payments for senior managers, and politically motivated nonsense stuff like moving programming oop north.

I get by on BBC iPlayer delayed transmissions, streaming to my TV through Chromecast. Possibly ITV and Channel 4 have compatible streaming services, but sadly their programmes are not compatible with me.

Comment: Right in a kind-of way. (Score 1) 674

by slimdave (#45035187) Attached to: The Luddites Are Almost Always Wrong: Why Tech Doesn't Kill Jobs

At the last company where I worked, word processors and voice mail systems allowed them to have zero secretaries and receptionists, as software developers had to answer the door phone and type their own everythings. Of course this did double the number of software developers they needed because they all got fuck all work done, so I guess the article's correct.

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