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Comment: Re:Don't take the fall (Score 1) 308

by jgarry (#46145847) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Do You Do If You're Given a Broken Project?

I've seen another variant of this:

They've dumped it on a contractor because they "knew" it was doomed. Contract not renewed. Six months later, original "hero" is gone, and new contract, with more realistic requirements.

Sometimes what they say they know, what they actually know, and what they come to believe are not congruent.

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by jgarry (#45590721) Attached to: RF Safe-Stop Shuts Down Car Engines With Radio Pulse

Most modern automatic transmissions don't have the necessary hardware to turn the engine. That's why you can't push start them. Computer controlled transmissions have odd fail modes too (like those Lexus that crash and burn because they can't stop).

I had an engine stall in a '69 Cadillac while starting a turn into a driveway. Wound up in neighbor's ivy.

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by jgarry (#44232083) Attached to: Lead Developer of Yum Killed In Hit-and-run

That's not enough:
(bicyclists on the train I commute with knew that guy)

My worst bicycling injury came from kids following grampa up a bike path, swinging out to take up the entire path, forcing me over the lip of the newly paved asphalt path, tearing off my sew-up (yeah, they were the racy thing in the olde days), sending me sliding on my side on the new asphalt, busting both rims, I went into immediate shock. Later, after I got out of the hospital, police laughed when I told them what happened. "Haha, be on the lookout for killer gramps and grandkids!"

And yes, I used to ride on the freeway (101 near Ventura, only way through, semi's blowing past you and sucking you into traffic lanes).

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by jgarry (#43176853) Attached to: Solaris Machine Shut Down After 3737 Days of Uptime

VMS isn't a Unix, and I don't believe you can get ahold of VMS any more. The IBM mainframes are too expensive and not open source, so there's no point in comparing them to Solaris.

What's your point exactly? My point is that Solaris is useful, even in its somewhat dodgy state (thanks Oracle for the paid update program you fucks).

You can still get a hobbyist license:

Back in the '90s, a VMS magazine pointed out that the posix implementation was good enough to say "VMS is better unix than unix."

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by jgarry (#42597785) Attached to: Oracle Ships Java 7 Update 11 With Vulnerability Fixes

A vuln that apparently was first reported in August 2012 is finally fixed (maybe) in January 2013.


Why can't the larger companies, e.g. Microsoft and Oracle, respond to and fix the sucrity issues more quickly than on a timeline expressed in months?

Because they need this guy in charge.