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Comment Re:Why did they buy based on "cores"? (Score 1) 311

Though "next to nothing" is an exaggeration, What has happened to Slashdot? The amount of cores obviously makes a difference and they vote up nonsense about how caring about amount of cores means THAT IS ALL YOU CARE ABOUT. Who ever said that in this entire story??????. WHO EVER SAID THAT A RASPBERRY PI 2 IS FASTER THAN EVERY COMPUTER EVER MADE THAT IS NOT 4 CORE??? ............. NOBODY. Just stop.

Comment Re:Why did they buy based on "cores"? (Score 1) 311

The amount of cores is extremely important when you working with multiple processes or multiple threads. And the reason isn't terribly complicated. Though it's possible that a single core processor could be faster than a multi-core processor, in the real world benchmarks of multi-core processors of similar product lines are always faster. In other words, double the cores, and roughly double the performance. Same reason video cards are fast. The amount of cores matters. There's a reason pretty much all "gaming" machines have at least quad core. It's not a superstition.

Comment I don't see the problem (Score 1) 99

I haven't read anything that indicates the chip does anything other than listen for specific speech patterns and send specific commands to the computer (actually power on is really the only thing I can tell it actually does). I doubt there is any way of retrieving the audio input from the chip. They would have to go out of their way to even incorporate this capability which if it existed would pretty much mean a large number of people wouldn't buy the chip. So until some hacker actually successfully retrieves anything the chip actually records (which I doubt is possible), I think this is a step ahead. I would definitely want this capability.

Comment Re:My issue with Windows 10, forced updates (Score 1) 172

What? You didn't like it when Windows forcefully turns off your computer without regard for any data you may have lost, only to create a paradox where every time you turn on your computer it starts installing updates but gets infinitely stuck at 70% progress all the while insisting that turning the computer off at THIS point is the worst thing you can do.

Comment What??? (Score 1) 134

What in the hell are you talking about???? Light weight is a bad thing? I've been looking for light laptops for years. Now the same morons who think a kickstand is cool for Microsoft surface want heavy laptops to validate their stupidity? C'MON MAN. (and have fun downmodding this post to anyone who actually reads it)

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