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Comment: Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 150

by jetkust (#48738895) Attached to: Microsoft Unveils Nokia 215, a $29 Phone With Internet Access
What? There's already cheap 2g phones you can buy that have those things. This thing is advertised for it's data. If you read the article it says nothing about being "made for countries that still use 2g". The whole emphasis is the price and affordability of the phone. This would indicate this is made for a market where there are more expensive higher quality options.

Comment: Re:Google+ has taken off? (Score 0) 71

by jetkust (#47351865) Attached to: Google Kills Orkut To Focus On YouTube, Blogger and Google+
Don't you basically have to sign up for Google+ when you get an Android phone just to get to the Play Store and download apps? I'd suspect most people have google+ accounts and are actively using it, so it HAS taken off. It's just not the same as a Facebook account. It's used differently.

Comment: Re:Caps Are Definitely Coming (Score 1) 475

by jetkust (#47009057) Attached to: Comcast Predicts Usage Cap Within 5 Years

Most customers are like your parents. They just want to get onto facebook. People that do streaming suck up tons of bandwidth yet pay the same. It's basically an all-you-can-eat buffet and we're the fat guys.

The problem is when everyone the majority was skinny, they made them still pay the same price as the fat guys. Not that everyone is getting fat, there isn't enough skinny people to exploit.

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