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Comment Hardly anyone installs Windows (Score 1) 313

All the forced upgrades hardly matter in the long run. Windows 10 is gaining market share in the same way that Windows has always maintained a high market share: Forcing their OS onto the computers people buy. The same with Apple. Look at google's ChromeOS. As soon as it was pre-installed, people bought it. Otherwise, nobody would have cared. This is the main reason Linux isn't widely adopted on the desktop. Barely any PCs or laptops come pre-installed with Linux. If it had been, all the hardware compatibility issues with Linux would gradually vanish (at least to the level of Windows issues), because they will have already been worked out before anyone buys the machine. Microsoft has everyone locked into their ecosystem so deep, their software doesn't even have to be any good. Right now they are just in a war against the ghosts of their past. In the end, they will win.

Comment Re:Then AT&T Uverse is also illegal (Score 1) 217

There's always a cap: Ranges from 150GB to 1TB (for gigabit service) (which is interesting because at full speed you'd blow the cap in 2 hours) Also, some people, like myself, use mobile hotspot tethering to stream to their television which Binge-On also claims to support.

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