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Comment: Lie detector tests are fiction (Score 5, Insightful) 246

I can't believe people take these seriously. A polygraph is supposed to be a lie detector test, but all it does is tests vital signs. There is absolutely no way to prove if it's correct or not, so what is the point? If a polygraph was worth anything whatsoever, they wouldn't be worried about somebody being trained to beat it.

Comment: Google Glass was a success (Score 2) 141

by jetkust (#49321505) Attached to: "Google Glass Isn't Dead!" Says Google's CEO Eric Schmidt
Google Glass (at it's current state) was never meant to blow up in popularity when it was released. It was to be the first, and to establish a brand. Augmented reality is the future. The race to lead the market has begun. To say they are "giving up on google glass" is like saying they are "giving up on augmented reality" which is just dumb.

Comment: Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 150

by jetkust (#48738895) Attached to: Microsoft Unveils Nokia 215, a $29 Phone With Internet Access
What? There's already cheap 2g phones you can buy that have those things. This thing is advertised for it's data. If you read the article it says nothing about being "made for countries that still use 2g". The whole emphasis is the price and affordability of the phone. This would indicate this is made for a market where there are more expensive higher quality options.

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