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Comment Re:And there was much rejoicing! (Score 1) 382

I disagree. Rubio, Cruz, and Bush would all make acceptable presidents, in my opinion. Fiorina would have been fine, too.

Anyway, in the real world you're going to have to live with the "False Dichotomy choices", since the system is really only stable with two parties. Third parties tend to eclipse one of the previous two, and then it's a two-party game again.

That's probably why Sanders is running as a Democrat after being officially independent all those years.

Comment Re:Irrelevant, inflammatory. (Score 1) 248

No they haven't. Find one case where someone was convicted of murder purely on the basis of people making separate accusations, with no physical evidence. Particularly if they waited years to go to the cops. If you find it you've found a travesty of justice.

And how do you know there's no collaboration? And even if there isn't, how do you know other women weren't just "piling on" because they didn't like him? At the very least I expect victims of this kind of stuff to go to the cops and get their story down in black and white. To come along years later with an accusation is just pointless.

And if it's rape there will be physical evidence. Anyone who waits until the physical evidence is gone shouldn't expect to be taken seriously. We've seen altogether too many fabrications in that department.

Comment Re: Irrelevant, inflammatory. (Score 1) 248

After all the high profile rape hoaxes we've had in recent years, in general I'm willing to say "Hey, if you didn't think it was rape enough to go to the cops, you probably weren't raped." But if his old students and colleagues are coming out of the woodwork making similar accusations it does lend some credibility to her story.

Comment Re:If only... (Score 2) 248

The way the tenure system works you really, really don't want to make an enemy out of the powerful people above you. From what I can see it's much worse than getting hit on by your boss at a job - you can always quit an office job and get another. But in academia if you just up and leave a tenure track position or don't get tenure because you've alienated someone important, your career is pretty much over.

Comment Re:Ah, Microsoft (Score 1) 504

But you haven't answered it. "What could "abusive" language possibly mean in the context of a machine?" does not in any way answer the question of WHY you want your virtual assistant to indulge you in your abuse fantasies?

Oh, I see. I will answer that as soon as you explain why you like to beat your wife.

I can see you're deliberately missing the point here, which is that Microsoft should be making a PA that does what customers want it to do without engaging in, as I said before, amateur social engineering.

Comment Re:Ah, Microsoft (Score 1) 504

Out of curiosity, why do you want a program designed to act humiliated and submissive when you say verbally abusive things? Or have I misunderstood you and want some other kind of response? Do you want it to return you with similarly abusive language?

What could "abusive" language possibly mean in the context of a machine?

What I want is for my devices, my machines, my mechanical not-persons, to do what I tell them, in an language I choose to use whatever the subtext. I don't want the manufacturer to try engage in amateur social engineering.

You keep asking the same question over and over again even as I answer it. What makes you think I'll give you a different answer when you change the wording?

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