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Comment Progress (Score 1) 284

This certainly doesn't represent "a rolling back of the progress it made over the last fifty years". For the vast, vast majority of people performance/kw is more important than raw performance in a single core. If my process gets a core to itself instead of sharing one that's 10% faster, that's progress.

I'm sure there are applications out there that must be single threaded, but I'd be surprised if Intel stopped making hot, high performance cores for people in that boat. It's just going to be a niche market.

Comment Re:She lives in pretend land (Score 1) 571

As far as the "Bosnian sniper" issue, it's possible she mixed up two different events in her mind. I've done it also. Human memory is an odd thing. Fortunately I'm a nobody such that my mistakes don't mean much on the world stage.

Sure, sure. She probably mixed it up with that other time a sniper was shooting at her.

Comment Re: She testified there weren't any (Score 1) 571

Maybe. Slow rolling is a good term for it - when damaging information comes out in dribs and drabs like this usually it means whoever is doing the leaking is trying to keep it in the headlines. From what I can tell they gave her enough rope to hang herself on this one, making sure she had an opportunity to try to lie her way out of it and then releasing proof she's lying.

At this point Obama pretty much has to support an indictment. He'll look crooked otherwise.

Comment Re:Typical BS (Score 1) 187

What facebook is doing--that is, blackballing discussion of it across the board--is morally wrong, seeing as face to face sales are legal in most states.

I'm about as pro-gun as they come, but I can't agree with this statement. Facebook is a private company, and as such they're entitled to restrict speech on their site in any way they please. Morality doesn't enter into it at all.

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