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Comment: Re:Orbital Vehicle? (Score 1) 53

by tsotha (#47732865) Attached to: NASA's Space Launch System Searches For a Mission

If we combined a rather large vehicle meant to return with a shuttle-type profile (ceramic heat shield and glide control)...

I'm not convinced the shuttle has much to teach us beyond "don't do it this way". Powered landing has all sorts of advantages over wings, and I think that's where we should be concentrating our efforts.

Comment: How many years? (Score 1) 190

How many years have I been hearing this? The South Bay was too expensive. Everyone was moving to Vegas, or Austin, or Massachusetts. They moved all right - to the only place outside Manhattan that was more expensive. Like real estate prices you have to believe it can't go on forever, but it can go on a lot longer than you expected.

Comment: Re:"Contract is not up for competition" (Score 1) 176

by tsotha (#46846737) Attached to: SpaceX Files Suit Against US Air Force

Less cynically, Air Force brass have been burned over and over again by companies who lowballs bids and can't deliver. It's human nature to try to steer contracts to companies that have made good on promises in the past.

My was in the Air Force and worked on big contracted projects. You would not believe how often the AF has to deal with companies taking progress payments and then declaring bankruptcy.

Of course the really big contracting decisions are all made on Capitol Hill *cough*F-35*cough*.

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by tsotha (#46808049) Attached to: I expect to retire ...
That's what pisses me off about the way they raise the retirement age. Here in the US you always hear "yes, it's going up, but it's going up slowly - only five years (or whatever) over the next thirty". If I'm set to retire in thirty years it didn't go up slowly. It went up instantly. And since I'm going to have to work until age 67, the people who are fixing to retire at 62 this year can damn well work until 67.

Comment: Re:Wow, that was so full of stupid... (Score 1) 449

by tsotha (#46614039) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever
In the actual real world (outside of your worker's paradise) having companies lay their own cable works better, because otherwise there's no incentive for the company that owns the cable to keep overhead expenses down. That's the way it was done in my town, and it works quite well.

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