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Comment Re:Punishing people who get degrees we need the mo (Score 1) 178

Education used to be about bettering oneself. To expanding ones mind and being a better citizen and bettering society.

Sure... for a the small subset of students who had family money. I'm getting old now, and I remember my classmates paying pretty close attention to starting salaries.

Comment Re:Latest version of Indentured servants (Score 1) 178

It's a much better deal for the student than a loan, particularly if he's getting a degree that isn't very marketable. With a loan he's still on the hook for payments even if he comes up empty on the job search.

Personally, I don't see how this can work - it's too good of a deal. There's much less incentive to find a remunerative job after graduation - lots of people will find jobs that just pay enough to buy video games and pot while they're waiting out the contract in mom's basement.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 365

The personal income tax rule applies even to people who have renounced their citizenship. If, as a US citizen, you move to another country and renounce your citizenship the government expects 1) a one-time 40% tax on all of your assets and 2) personal income taxes for the next ten years. I don't know how many people actually pay - in my mind a person who is no longer a US citizen isn't subject to its laws except when on US soil.

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 814

Yeah. He took a clock and put it into another case so it sorta looks like a Hollywood version of a bomb. Then when they started asking him questions his answers were designed to provoke suspicion.

The whole thing was a political stunt, most likely dreamed up by his activist father. The case should be thrown out with prejudice, and the plaintiff ordered to pay fees.

Comment Re:I hope that goes better than last time (Score 1) 69

What did NASA build? Rockwell built the space shuttle. So they've been operating an overpriced white elephant for forty years? Meh.

SpaceX really is different, because SpaceX put its own money into the development of the rocket instead of building it on a can't-lose cost plus contract.

Comment Re:Cue the flood... (Score 1) 193

You must not be getting the meaning of simple sentences, then: the cliched phrase implies that it will never be available for practical use.

And that's probably the case. Even assuming they get it working at all, power produced in a giant tokamak will be more expensive than battery backed solar. What's the point?

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