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Comment Re:You Can't prove Nothing (Score 1) 150

Civil and Criminal courts are two very different arenas. "Standing" in criminal court really isn't a thing.

Standing rules prevent random people from tying up the courts suing over things that don't affect them. They're really a necessary part of the system that most people don't think about. Non-newsworthy lawsuits are rejected all the time for lack of standing.

Of course, lawsuits that really should be going forward (like this one or the appeal by CA voters over Prop 8) are sometimes rejected on standing grounds when the courts just don't want to deal with the issue.

Comment Re:No shit ... (Score 1) 157

I'm not sure if this kind of transnational market can ever be properly regulated, since that would involve changing the idea of what constitutes sovereignty in every single country.

That's not unique to carbon offset schemes, either. Even if you went with a straight carbon tax governments would find ways to subsidize critical industries so the tax didn't actually reduce carbon emissions.

Comment Re:No details (Score 1) 106

I've always wondered if this could be done with GPS. If you know where you are and where the tower is, you can figure out what angle the mirror should be to point at the tower. That would get you close enough for some kind of autocalibration if you put the right kind of sensors on the tower and had a link to the mirror controller.

Comment Re:So, Japan is winning the new space race... (Score 1) 87

Besides flight 4 and 19, the only thing on your list that's at all meaningful is the fire on flight 7, and even then... a success is a success. The fact that you can have problems like engine-outs and still make it to orbit is a point in favor of the design.

Every time they've had an engine out on H-2, the flight is over. This is the third iteration for that rocket family, and the first two both had failures.

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