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Comment Re:Athlon X4 845 why cut pci-e lanes? amd is losin (Score 1) 80

If my aging brain remembers correctly, AMD was the first to push the x86_64 in the AMD64 architecture when all Intel had for 64 bit chips was IA-64; and they were also the first to bring AMDV/VT-x to midrange desktop chips (for a while it was only available on Xeons from Intel). They also had better performance per watt than the Intel Chips at the time. It was a good time for AMD but they fell behind when Intel came out with Core2 (based on Pentium M). Since Core2 (and subsequently the iN series) they've been playing catch up, but not too long ago they were the leaders.

I think the AMD64 architecture was probably the most significant in those days because it meant that you could run more than 4GB of RAM without PAE overhead.

Comment Propaganda (Score 1) 254

So at what point does using kids shows to try to create interest in this topic cross the line from 'marketing' to 'targeted propaganda'?
I'm all for more women in programming, but I think they should come to it on their own rather than be indoctrinated.

Let people who love it do it, rather than creating more of the 'I don't like it but it pays well and I can always find a job' MCSEs of the 90s.

Comment Re:In other news: Are 4K displays worth getting ye (Score 1) 204

The mouse lag is annoying at first but it's not so bad if you get a high dpi mouse and spend a few weeks getting used to the new setup. I wouldn't play games on it, but it's been awesome for code/productivity at the office.

I've had one [the seiki 39"] for about 9 months now. It's due with our baby in two weeks, because we had such a honeymoon when I first got it.

Comment Re:The death of leniency (Score 2) 643

That wasn't really my intent -- what I'm saying is that always having the cops on cam will take away their 'human' side and they'll just be encouraged more towards robot enforcers. I don't think it'll help much with planted evidence and framing -- those types of things will be done with some sort of coincidental leaving the camera in the car or disabling it or even having someone else commit the plant. There's an economy for those sorts of activities, and there will always be a price that someone is willing to pay.

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