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Comment Propaganda (Score 1) 254

So at what point does using kids shows to try to create interest in this topic cross the line from 'marketing' to 'targeted propaganda'?
I'm all for more women in programming, but I think they should come to it on their own rather than be indoctrinated.

Let people who love it do it, rather than creating more of the 'I don't like it but it pays well and I can always find a job' MCSEs of the 90s.

Comment Re:In other news: Are 4K displays worth getting ye (Score 1) 204

The mouse lag is annoying at first but it's not so bad if you get a high dpi mouse and spend a few weeks getting used to the new setup. I wouldn't play games on it, but it's been awesome for code/productivity at the office.

I've had one [the seiki 39"] for about 9 months now. It's due with our baby in two weeks, because we had such a honeymoon when I first got it.

Comment Re:The death of leniency (Score 2) 643

That wasn't really my intent -- what I'm saying is that always having the cops on cam will take away their 'human' side and they'll just be encouraged more towards robot enforcers. I don't think it'll help much with planted evidence and framing -- those types of things will be done with some sort of coincidental leaving the camera in the car or disabling it or even having someone else commit the plant. There's an economy for those sorts of activities, and there will always be a price that someone is willing to pay.

Comment The death of leniency (Score 5, Interesting) 643

The problem with this is that if all cops feel like they're being audited all of the time, they're less likely to let you off the hook for a minor violation. Then since they have to charge you with something, and there's supporting evidence, you're not going to get a plea or reduction from a mandatory sentence in court.

I know that doesn't sound like a big deal but cops let thousands of people off per day on minor things where people just need a warning.

Comment Re:That ship has already sailed. (Score 1) 113

Yes, for 90% of the worlds buzzfeeds out there serving up dumb top10 lists or sites that survive on crosslinking other things that's fine, but there will always be specialty needs and high volume customers, and that's where these places will find their niche.

RTFC. You still seem to have a problem that I mention it's only 10% of the cases where Oracle/IBM add value.

Comment Re:That ship has already sailed. (Score 2) 113

There was no criticism. That's what you (and he) fail to understand. What I'm saying is there's a niche market for these guys and they shouldn't be written off as all bad. Because I pointed out a use case for the hardware for ~10-20% of the cases out there.

For a slashdot car analogy, you are shouting at a Honda Fit owner using his car for grocery runs when everyone knows a Mac truck and dual tractor trailor hitch is better at hauling produce.

For a slashdot car analogy, I'm saying "Stop trying to make multiple runs to home depot packing 30 yards of mulch in the trunk of your Honda Fit when you can just rent a dump truck and save on gas and effort." You don't go to home depot every week, you go three times a year. The Honda Fit is fine for the groceries. Stop a) putting words in my mouth and b) assuming that I'm saying everyone needs a dump truck.

Regarding the RAID6 thing -- I have seen plenty of shops that try to run databases on RAID5/6 and yes it isn't pretty, but that's how they do.

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