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Comment: I call BS (Score 2) 176

by jeromio (#42904853) Attached to: IE Standardization Fading Fast

Try finding a merchant account with a bank (not a new fangled Web 3.0 deal like Square) that doesn't specifically write their "web" app to specifically *only* work with IE on Windows. There are lots of other examples of extranet "applications" that are written w/ MS libraries that depend on IE .It's frustrating and depressing.


+ - Pointui Home almost fixes Windows Mobile->

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stoolpigeon writes: "There are probably a lot of admins and other tech folk like myself who have been saddled with a phone running Windows Mobile. On the model I have, the stylus is stored in a way that means I lose them regularly and I've learned to get by with my fingers, but it isn't easy. Fortunately I came across this Gizmodo review of Pointui Home. Pointui Home (pronounced "point-you-eye") is a free as in beer skin for Windows Mobile home that makes the awful Microsoft interface much more bearable.

Unfortunately a skin can't fix the underlying problems of speed and reliability. But at this point I'll take what I can get."

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Investors, "Beware" of Record Companies 301

Posted by kdawson
from the rats-heading-down-the-hawsers dept.
NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "The Motley Fool investment Web site warns investors to beware of 'Sony, BMG, Warner Music Group, Vivendi Universal, and EMI.' In an article entitled 'We're All Thieves to the RIAA,' a Motley Fool columnist, referring to the RIAA's pronouncement in early December in Atlantic v. Howell, that the copies which Mr. Howell had ripped from his CDs to MP3s in a shared files folder on his computer were 'unauthorized,' writer Alyce Lomax said 'a good sign of a dying industry that investors might want to avoid is when it would rather litigate than innovate, signaling a potential destroyer of value.'"

We don't really understand it, so we'll give it to the programmers.