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Sorry for the bad news: we were never free.

What has happened is that the elite has shorn any semblance of shame and decided to act according to its power.

It's like they asked themselves: If we have the power, what do we care about appearances?

Think back to satellite T.V. for example, in the U.S. it was (is?) theft to get the signal and decode it, in Canada it was fine to do it, because legally, the waves were in public space.

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What happened is that a Mexican company registered the name iFone, which the court found phonetically equal to iPhone, for the purpose of selling communication services.

The three largest carriers (Telcel, Iusacell y Telefonica Movistar) were prohibited from using iPhone in their advertising, as they cell precisely, communications services.

Apple itself is not prohibited from using its brand name, but can use it only for the purposes of selling the phone, not services.

In Mexico as in other countries, the same brand can be used to sell different types of goods and services; what the court found, was Apple's registration was too broad and that the Mexican company had a narrow registration, which was also prior to Apples'.

The suit came from Apple to force the Mexican company to stop using its own brand; now the Mexican company is countersuing for damages and asking for 40% of the revenue generated using the brand in Mexico.

Link to the registration


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by jelizondo (#47105639) Attached to: Parenting Rewires the Male Brain

You had me until the cat part.

Everyone knows that a good parent would choose a dog!

Kidding aside, it does change you. I was fooled into being in the OR for the birth of my third offspring (a girl) and that changed me in ways I can't begin to describe: from a typical antisocial nerd, interested only in the latest techno-toy into a real person.

She'll be 21 next week and has been living with me for the last 12 years, after her mom and I divorced, and still think of her as my greatest achievement.

She is smart and iron-willed, so I have not really enjoyed being a single parent dealing with a difficult child, but at this time, I would not change one bit of the story.

YMMV and all that, but being a parent really makes a wonderful difference in your life.

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by jelizondo (#47014453) Attached to: Russia Bans US Use of Its Rocket Engines For Military Launches

The U.S. government, sanctioned by Congress, declared the Black Hills, and other land, to be owned by the Lakota; then when gold was found there, not only refused to stop miners from exploiting it, the goverment started building a trail and forts on land it expressely had recognized as foreign (treaty of 1851); eventually leading to war between the tribes and the U.S. Army, to be followed by the 1868 treaty.

The 1868 treaty was quickly thrown aside and a new war erupted between the tribes and the U.S.

Please read the Treaty of Ft. Laramie, 1851 and 1868.

Finally, the U.N. passed the Resolution on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which was not signed by the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zeland; four countries that have, ahem, problems with their indigenous population.

Yes, your proud country went back on its word twice and to this day, it refuses to honor the treaties it signed and were approved by Congress.

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by jelizondo (#46995061) Attached to: Russia Bans US Use of Its Rocket Engines For Military Launches

By your comment I gather you are an American and so, I'm happy to hear you support returning their land to the Dakotas and Lakotas, which was taken forcefully by the U.S. government despite a treaty to the contrary.

Perhaps instead of criticizing other countries, you should get your country to honor their agreements with other nations.

Tell me, how is Ukraine different from the Lakiota/Dakota land? How is the U.S. position different from that of Russia?

I think we should be looking into our own eye for the beam instead of looking at the mote in our brother's eye.

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Perhaps you need to think like a psycopath?

Don't get me wrong, management is about all you said but you left out two things: manipulating and using people.

Yep, it is a cynical view but in the real world, you meet your goals as a manager or you get fired. Many times, you have to sweet-talk undesirables to do things for you, knowing very well that you don't mean a thing you say.

As George Burns put it: "Sincerity - if you can fake it, you got it made"

That is why I hate management and prefer coding or doing other technical work.

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Perhaps we don't? A model of something you don't understand won't give you insight into the unknown. Perhaps one might discover something like human intelligence but you'll never know if it is the same thing.

Also, I think that Godel (logically) and quantum effects (materially) stand in the way of understanding how three pounds of flesh can become intelligence and sentience.

If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn't.

  • Emerson M. Pugh, As quoted in The Biological Origin of Human Values

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Sorry pal, maybe in Australia they issue tickets to police cars, fire-fighters' trucks and the like, but for the last four years I have been involved in automation for Police Departments and such lists exist.

Obviously, they are not named "don't issue a ticket to the whealty bastard," they are named "Official Vehicles" and many politicians get their "official" vehicles listed there including cars of whealty supporters.

Now, my very own experience. I don't work directly for any PD given that I am an outside contractor but some friend got me some decals for my windshield. Two days ago, by being distracted, I ran a red light while doing a U-turn while policemen were stationed at the intersection. One look at the decals and they assumed I am an undercover officer running after some bastard; they waved me on.

Even if they had made me stop, they would have to call Central to report the incident before issuing a ticket (SOP) and I would claim a "Code 3" (emergency) and my friends at Central would have supported me.

So you see, even if you are not a whealty bastard, you can get away with it if you know the right people.

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Recent compared to what?

Most civil laws (Ius Civile) were codified by the romans more than a thousand years ago and they did not have copyright or patents in the books.

The University of Bologna was founded almost a thousand years ago (1088).

The first hospital was founded about 1,300 years ago in Damascus.

Now, world agreement on copyrights date back to 1996. Wow!

300 years? Get off my lawn!

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You mean like every other profession?

You don't get to be a great engineer, architect, doctor or dentist just by going to school. It takes talent, will, hard work, good luck and years of effort.

Now, how many engineers or architecs (doctors or dentists) have a change to become millionaires like an artist or sportsman?

Artists always think they are special and nobody else can even begin to understand how special they are... Well, try engineering for a while. You won't even make it past Calculus I, great special one!.

try again