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Comment Mod Parent Up (Score 1) 337

This is really the thing.

That Tim Cook says he's not merging the two is only somewhat comforting (after his "why would anyone buy a PC?" line - perhaps he thinks the Mac is not a PC, but uhhh...)

I really, really, really dislike iOS, and hate most of the changes that have come over Mac OS since Snow Leopard, with the possible exception of tightened security (they haven't done a great job with this from an ease-of-use standpoint - it's kinda buggy).

It's like Apple is trying to turn Mac OS into iOS through the back door. #donotwant

Comment Re:backup (Score 1) 93

"1. There is no reason to have anything r[u]nning as root"

Is that supposed to include the OS processes and services? 'cuz there's a ton of them on a server I work with.

I can see how I'd (begin to) secure anything I'd installed from running on root - and probably differently for each app/service. But what am I to do about the OS itself?

Or perhaps point 1 was stated with less precision than I'd imagine. (not being sarcastic - really wanna know).

Comment Help Irving High start a STEM program (Score 2, Informative) 956

Noted on Twitter last night that many people have found inexpensive electronic clock kits, and are sending them to Irving High to help the teachers learn about what clocks are, that they're not terribly threatening, and to help their kids learn to build them.

That address is:

Irving High School
900 N O Connor Rd
Irving, TX 75061

Submission + - Texas 9th Grader Shows STEM Smarts, Gets Sent to Juvenile Detention (

jddj writes: Award-winning electronics whiz Ahmed Mohamed loved the robotics club in middle school. So when he got to high school, he decided to show the teachers what he could do: he tossed together an electronic clock in about 20 minutes, and housed it in a pencil case.

Irving, Texas school officials did what they do best when confronted with a bright, promising student: they had him arrested and taken to juvenile detention, claiming Ahmed had built a "fake bomb" (something the student never claimed).

Remember folks: Lie down. Don't think for yourself. If you've got smarts, don't show 'em.

Comment FCC's trying to break improving router firmware (Score 4, Informative) 345

The FCC is currently trying to end 3rd-party wifi router firmware (think Tomato, DD-WRT, OpenWRT, etc.), by requiring manufacturers to build devices that only accept firmware updates signed with the manufacturer's keys.

This means you'll only be able to install software the manufacturer has certified comes with their own bugs, embedded backdoors and security #fails, rather than be able to put something better on your hardware.

It also may mean that router manufacturers will be required to place NSA backdoors in the firmware and be unable to tell consumers about them due to National Security Letters.

The WSJ is right: We Need The Right To Repair Our Gadgets.

Comment Rocketry pierces both these levels all the time (Score 1) 142

Our club routinely gets 5,000-15,000 foot waivers for medium-to-high-power launches, and it doesn't stop nimrods from flying over the launch area in general aviation aircraft.

Low-power sport rocketry (think the little Estes hobby-shop rockets) can hit the 2,000 foot level without too much sweat.

I'm tired of seeing available airspace disappear every time I turn around. The fields in which I launched as a kid are completely off-limits - noplace in the close-in metro DC area can you launch a model rocket legally.

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