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Comment Re: Sigh (Score 1) 184

Been using and maintaining Debian systems at home and work since potato.

Using apt.

You're apparently not running the same packages as I am. Things that are breaking are coming from the third-party Debian multimedia repo, generally, or have had functionality I was using turned off in Jessie.

Dude, jumping right to the "moron", "lying troll" and "incompetent" bit says a lot more about you than about me. TTYL

Comment Re: Sigh (Score 1) 184

It's an inadequate replacement in that it's part of the core OS, wants to emulate running legacy SysV init scripts, interprets them incompletely, and gives you no choice but to let it run said scripts and mess up their execution.

That's poor, and inadequate, whatever else you may think are its merits.

Oh wait, there IS another choice! Instead of being a Dad who just wants to get his kids the TV shows they had an hour ago back, I can put on the software developer hat, spend countless hours developing systemd scripts for software I didn't write, beating my head against the desk and trolling message boards for why this "superior" systemd won't just start the software like SysV did before I "upgraded". Cuz don't I love doing that?

If systemd couldn't be coded well enough to do the SysV emulation right, there should've been an option to fall back to something that can do the job as designed.

BTW, I made no claim about Debian as "solid" (though I might've, had I thought to do so - it's really good). You must've read that someplace else.

Comment Re: Sigh (Score 1) 184

I guess we're going down the systemd well here, but in my case, I _decided_ to use Debian, which I don't consider "garbage software", and had no meaningful choice on whether to use systemd.

systemd has wrecked my home server for the apps for which I run it: DAAP music server, MythTV backend, and upnp photo server. Nothing starts properly. Nothing restarts itself. Have to continually intervene by hand, and in some cases I have to do without things that just plain worked before moving to Jessie/systemd.

Systemd isn't an adequate replacement for SysV init, (never mind the other well-reasoned critiques on other grounds), and doesn't inherit the functionality of legacy SysV init scripts well at all. There's no guarantee it won't break stuff, and no hand-holding.

And yeah, though I'm not engaged in the religious war over it (just: "how does it work at my house?"), it got rammed down my throat, unbidden.

Comment THIS (Score 1) 184

"I have what.. three choices of 'theme' now? White, 'light grey' and 'dark grey' - none of which are much use in allowing me to distinguish between parts of the interface.."

Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2011 (Mac) let you see what is happening. The stupid 2013 themes should be called "blinding white", "white on white", and "white on extremely light taupe". Somebody ought to get fired over that design.

While they're at it, they could make an Android mail app that doesn't threaten me that "IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY I WILL DELETE ALL YOUR EMAIL AND MAYBE YOUR KIDS, TOO FOR GOOD MEASURE."

Comment It's _supposed_ to be a little hard to vote. (Score 1) 490

So you'd like the entire electorate to vote on laws and the like (something completely contrary to the system of representative government the US has (and I'm going to guess you're American), but let's roll with it for a sec...).

What's to prevent people from voting en-masse for lunatic ideas that might be proposed after an event like 9-11, without any check on their power, with little debate?

What's to prevent populist strongmen from grabbing the reins of power - through a legitimate vote, of course - and wrecking the democracy? I think you can find an current example of the risk without breaking a sweat.

It's slow and a little hard for a reason: the founding fathers thought the rubes should have a voice, but not so much of one that they'd be able to suddenly overrun the government on a whim.

Of course, having just escaped English rule, they made a number of provisions for checks on government power, but built the government to respond to long-term trends, not to short-term feverish issues.

Comment UI and UX are not equivalents. (Score 1) 402

Using "UI" and "UX" in the same sentence (or worse, as "UI/UX", as in some of the comments) showcases ignorance of the problems, solutions, and disciplines involved in making satisfying software.

Most Linux projects could use a Costco-size box of UX helper, regardless of whether the UI works well or not.

They're not orthogonal to each other, but fixing one doesn't necessarily fix the other.

What's more, just like coders and EEs, UXers come in all shades of good, bad, heroic and abominable.

Find a good one and work together. Her job is not to fuck up your favorite program.

Comment Re:Don't judge us by this place (Score 1) 760

More to the Virginia story than that - the "Golden Crescent" - an arc sweeping from Northern Virginia's tech corridor through Richmond to Hampton Roads - is facing an influx of job-seekers who will urbanize and suburbanize the area, and who largely trend Democratic. It's night-and-day different from rural Virginia. Old Dominion politics are indeed changing right now.

Comment SASCO (Score 1) 138

A DC native, I fondly remember SASCO on King St. in old town Alexandria. Government surplus electronic stuff, s-100 cards, wonderful MIL-SPEC knobs, hardware and meters, any of which would have cost the gummint a fortune in taxpayer funds, bespoke many-pin connectors with huge cables, and tons of "God only knows what that was!" stuff. Wish it was still there; gone now for decades.

I browsed the surplus tables at a recent hamfest, but the junk is less interesting, more Chinese monoculture cheap shit, and acres and acres of grey hair and wrinkles: who will be running these in a decade?

Comment Mod Parent Up (Score 1) 337

This is really the thing.

That Tim Cook says he's not merging the two is only somewhat comforting (after his "why would anyone buy a PC?" line - perhaps he thinks the Mac is not a PC, but uhhh...)

I really, really, really dislike iOS, and hate most of the changes that have come over Mac OS since Snow Leopard, with the possible exception of tightened security (they haven't done a great job with this from an ease-of-use standpoint - it's kinda buggy).

It's like Apple is trying to turn Mac OS into iOS through the back door. #donotwant

Comment Re:backup (Score 1) 93

"1. There is no reason to have anything r[u]nning as root"

Is that supposed to include the OS processes and services? 'cuz there's a ton of them on a server I work with.

I can see how I'd (begin to) secure anything I'd installed from running on root - and probably differently for each app/service. But what am I to do about the OS itself?

Or perhaps point 1 was stated with less precision than I'd imagine. (not being sarcastic - really wanna know).

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