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+ - How deep does the multiverse go?

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "Our observable Universe is a pretty impressive entity: extending 46 billion light-years in all directions, filled with hundreds of billions of galaxies and having been around for nearly 14 billion years since the Big Bang. But what lies beyond it? Sure, there's probably more Universe just like ours that's unobservable, but what about the multiverse? Finally, a treatment that delineates the difference between the ideas that are thrown around and explains what's accepted as valid, what's treated as speculative, and what's completely unrelated to anything that could conceivably ever be observed from within our Universe."

Comment: Nailed it! (Score 1) 312

by jddeluxe (#46242673) Attached to: Good Engineering Managers Just "Don't Exist"
"The best engineers get all the benefits of being leaders, but without needing to take on the rather painful duties of management. So they choose not to move up. Compare this to the engineers who aren't as strong, and use the opportunity to move up as a way to get their voice heard."

Truest thing I've ever read on /.

+ - SPAM: Reasons Why Flappy Bird creator is pulling the game from app stores?

Submitted by njay005
njay005 (3513015) writes "Now with all that success coming to the developer unexpectedly, Flappy Bird has attracted a lot of criticism as well. Some say that the level so this game are irritatingly tough and the player just goes on to get to the next level. Playing the game is too easy, just a Flappy Bird crossing hurdle as you tap the screen to boost it up and leaving the screen to let it fall freely.

Twitter got flooded with rumors of Dong Nguyen getting sued over the game’s similarity to Mario Brothers. hashtag #flappybird rose to No. 1 on Twitter.

Why Flappy Bird creator is pulling the game from app stores is explained in a series of tweets by the creator himself."

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