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Comment: Re:Screw that (Score 1) 489

by jdavidb (#49441485) Attached to: Reason: How To Break the Internet (in a Bad Way)

As long as the isps to my home are monopolies I don't want them engaging in "value added" services. ... These people have already demonstrated they are unfit to be trusted with a monopoly. Absolutely no reason to let them monopolize.

So what we really want is for the government grant of monopoly privilege to be taken away.

Comment: Re:Freedom to discriminate == no protection ... (Score 2) 1168

If you are such a whiny idiot that you think it should be OK to say "we don't serve your kind here", then you should have no legal or moral basis to claim that someone shouldn't be able to do the same to you.

Yes, I agree. People should be able to refuse to do business with someone for any reason whatsoever, and vice versa. Religious conviction shouldn't have any special status in law above any other type of preference or desire.

So either shut up, and accept that you have no other ways you're legally allowed to discriminate against someone ... or accept that it should also be someone else's right to refuse you because of your religion.

I agree and accept this.

Comment: Re:The important bits (Score 2) 81

by jdavidb (#49363267) Attached to: Citizen Scientists Develop Eye Drops That Provide Night Vision

Secondly, it's an important biomedical advancement made by citizen scientists. (The important part of that sentence is "by citizen scientists".)

I was a little confused when I saw that wording in the story, and now that I'm hearing this wording is the important part, I'm getting a little concerned. Are we not all citizens? Have we been divided into citizens and ruling class, now?

I'm all for popularizing science among all citizens, but I'd rather we word that as "science for the masses" or something.

Comment: Re:Not a diet, but a lifestyle change (Score 1) 496

by jdavidb (#49328919) Attached to: Hacking Weight Loss: What I Learned Losing 30 Pounds

Don't go on a diet (Hacker's Diet or otherwise), but do make a permanent change to your lifestyle.

The Hacker's Diet is a permanent change in lifestyle. People don't always use the word "diet" to mean a temporary change. There are many diets that are permanent changes in lifestyle, and the word "diet" also has a technical definition in which it means what an organism eats - in that sense, everyone has a diet.

For those of us who do not always use the word "diet" to mean a temporary change, it is annoying to try to talk about a permanent change in diet and be corrected and contradicted by those who use the word diet to mean only a temporary change.

Comment: Re:Worth it? (Score 1) 275

by jdavidb (#49198941) Attached to: uTorrent Quietly Installs Cryptocurrency Miner
If there's something I can still mine with a CPU that is worth it, I want to know, and I want to install software to mine it myself, and I want to trade it out immediately for Bitcoin or something else. Every so often a currency does pop up where this is true, but it's been awhile. So I want to know what uTorrent is mining.

Comment: Re:Well someone has to do it (Score 1) 347

by jdavidb (#49144329) Attached to: The Programmers Who Want To Get Rid of Software Estimates

Business can't plan or talk to customers or have any strategy whatsoever without at least some estimate...that's just the real world. If devs don't give estimates, managers have to make estimates. If managers don't make estimates, business makes estimates. You want devs to do the estimating.

I just don't want the boss to be disrespectful to me when the estimate is not accurate. Get us some estimation training or something. Don't give me a lecture. I'm too old for lectures.

Comment: Fappening? (Score 1) 311

by jdavidb (#49134203) Attached to: Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission

It also comes in the wake of last year's Fappening

Can we get a definition of that for old farts with a UNIX beard like me? I know there was a massive hack and sale of celebrity nude photos for Bitcoin or something. Is that what this refers to? What's a Fappening?

Yeah, I'm gonna Google it, but the editors could add a parenthetical explanation, or a link to Wikipedia, or something. I remember when Slashdot used to use built in links to everything2 - I wish they had transitioned over to Wikipedia so the clueless like me could be more easily informed.

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