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Comment Disrespect goes both ways (Score 1) 925

My current work on userspace graphics enabling may require me to send an occasional quirks kernel patch, but I know I will spend at least a day dreading the potential toxic background radiation of interacting with the kernel community before I send anything

My wife and I did some extensive work to learn how to avoid expressing disrespect to each other.

One day I complained to her that she'd made me swim in a sea of toxic disrespectful judgments all day.

What I learned from the professionals was that using hyperbolic labels like "toxic" is also disrespectful. It's better to just stick to noting that you felt disrespected by a particular statement or statements until the message gets across - assuming the other side is working on learning to avoid disrespect. If they aren't, you identify the disrespect for them, notify them you aren't going to tolerate it any more, and then enforce boundaries to make sure you aren't subjected to it any more.

Another thing I learned is that people who are in an abusive relationship (including disrespect) tend to become abusers themselves.

Comment Re:What (Score 1) 208

The very notion that the courts are being called in to resolve a personal spat strikes me as utterly ridiculous.

It's because it involves employment. We've come up with the idea that employment is not personal and should involve everybody. If you want to abort a baby that's a private decision between you and your doctor, but if money changes hands and somebody is employed we all need to stick our noses into it to make sure everything is "fair."

Comment Re:Wrong Writer Attitude (Score 1) 196

But I never do that anymore. It simply isnâ(TM)t worth it. You shouldnâ(TM)t either.

What the heck does this self-important know it all know about my projects and what I should be doing with them?

Exactly. It's not about whether the opinion is right or wrong - it's about the lecture. Most grown people don't want to be lectured about what they "should" or "should" not do. Maybe people disagree with the logic, or have different goals. Maybe they want to simply do something somebody else thinks is irrational.

I had enough lectures when I was a kid. I'm grown now and don't usually put up with it when people lecture me. (But I try to keep my emotions in check and not get in a big fight with them; instead, if they don't stop it after I let them know they are bothering me, I try to just get away from them without debating it further.)

Comment Re:The song is NOT public domain (Score 1) 102

The judge didn't rule that that song is public domain now. It was just ruled that Warner/Chappell Music is not the copyright holder as they claimed to be. There still could be a copyright owner. The song has not reached the age to be public domain yet.

If I run an extremely successful restaurant chain and my waiters perform the song every night for customers who are celebrating birthdays, it is extremely unlikely that anyone will sue me now, and if anyone does, it is extremely unlikely that they will succeed.

If I create an extremely successful movie and include a performance of the song in it with some characters in the movie who are privately celebrating a birthday, again, it is extremely unlikely that anyone will sue me now, and if anyone does, it is extremely unlikely that they will succeed.

That's good enough for me.

Comment Re:It might finally be time for this (Score 1) 1291

Whatever it leads to, there isn't any work left for most people to move to

Human wants are unlimited. There are plenty of things that people can still do for each other that others are willing to pay for.

When there's nowhere to go, and society still uses money to value things, basic income is a good idea

Great - you believe that, you pay for it, rather than forcing other people to do it. I don't force my religious beliefs on you; this is no different.

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