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+ - How volunteering at events can advance your open source career->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Watching other speakers and then meeting them after their sessions helped inspire me to get past my stage fright (with a dash of imposter syndrome) and start speaking at events. I've also forged friendships at conferences that are now almost as old as my career. And I've met more than one person who ended up being a future employer."
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+ - Valve's Economist Yanis Varoufakis Appointed Greece's Finance Minister->

Submitted by eldavojohn
eldavojohn (898314) writes "A turnover in the Greek government resulted from recent snap elections placing SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) in power — just shy of an outright majority by two seats. Atheist and youngest Prime Minister in Greek history since 1865 Alexis Tsipras has been appointed the new prime minister and begun taking immediate drastic steps against the recent austerity laws put in place by prior administrations. One such step has been to appoint Valve's economist Yanis Varoufakis to position of Finance Minister of Greece. For the past three years Varoufakis has been working at Steam to analyze and improve the Steam Market but now has the opportunity to improve one of the most troubled economies in the world."
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+ - Finding a way to share cover songs->

Submitted by blogologue
blogologue (681423) writes "OK, so a little while ago I had problems with SoundCloud ( http://blogologue.com/blog_ent... ), they took down a simple remix I made and gave me a dire warning that they would "terminate" my account.

Now I've got got a notice from MixCloud that they've taken down a song, even though it's my understanding that they pay licensing fees to the original creators so even though I make my own cover variant song of their song and all the income for that song goes to MixCloud and the content creators, they still take it down.

I think it's natural that people interpret popular culture and make works with popular culture. Popular music is also where a lot of people start, so there must be many, many people out there who want to share whatever they're working on, if just for fun (but also for feedback, a chance at getting noticed, making it big and so on). For me this music thing is a hobby so I'm not giving much thought to making money off it and all that entails, and to me it seems just wrong that it isn't possible to participate in a cultural exchange without getting hammered down like this.

Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do to share works that include other works without getting bothered?"

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+ - What kind of stars actually gave rise to us?

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "You've heard the famous quote before, that "we are star stuff." This is true, of course, since only hydrogen and helium existed shortly after the Big Bang, so the elements must have been made in stars. But many of the ones we think of as necessary for life — including phosphorous, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper, and zinc — didn't come from a single generation of previous, massive stars. It took a slow-burning star like our own Sun to make dozens of elements that are abundant on Earth today."

+ - Lost Beagle2 probe found 'intact' on Mars->

Submitted by Stolga
Stolga (3985589) writes "The missing Mars robot Beagle2 has been found on the surface of the Red Planet, apparently intact.

High-resolution images taken from orbit have identified its landing location, and it looks to be in one piece.

The UK-led probe tried to make a soft touchdown on the dusty world on Christmas Day, 2003, using parachutes and airbags — but no radio contact was ever made with the probe.

Many scientists assumed it had been destroyed in a high-velocity impact."

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Comment: Misconceptions (Score 2) 1

by jbernardo (#48828171) Attached to: Systemd's Lennart Poettering: "We Do Listen To Users"

I find it telling how to LP "the Unix way" is to have everything in the same repository and developed by the same people: "What's typical for Unix, for example, is that all the tools, the C library, the kernel, are all maintained in the same repository, right? And they're released in sync, have the same coding style, the same build infrastructure, the same release cycles - everything's the same. "

He only needed to google a bit to find this, but it is telling that he won't even give himself to the trouble. It is even funnier when later in the interview he claims to listen to people!

All in all, an interesting propaganda piece, a re-hash of previous ones done by LP on his blog.

+ - Nasa's New Horizons Pluto mission powered by chip from original PlayStation->

Submitted by DavidGilbert99
DavidGilbert99 (2607235) writes "Nine years after launch Nasa's New Horizons mission to Pluto has been woken up as it approaches the distant planet and it has all been made possible by the same MIPS R3000 micro-processing chip that was the CPU of choice for Sony's original PlayStation — launched in 1994."
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Comment: Re:Will SystemD feature creep ever stop ? (Score 1) 552

by jbernardo (#48822725) Attached to: SystemD Gains New Networking Features

I've been bit by a similar systemd issue. The only way to get it to work is to boot from a USB key or from cd, and force a fsck on all your filesystem. Apparently some systemd versions have race conditions with fsck and won't mount / unless the fsck ended successfuly. Add that to another bug where it won't show a console...
I think these have by now been fixed, but I had your problem also with arch linux, some months ago, on at least two pcs.

Comment: Re:Will SystemD feature creep ever stop ? (Score 3, Interesting) 552

by jbernardo (#48818053) Attached to: SystemD Gains New Networking Features

Systemd's occasional (read: frequent in one of my pcs) failure to shutdown is how I found out that the devs had decided that sysreq was too dangerous for the users to have and had to be disabled.

So I was stuck with a system waiting forever for something to shutdown, and without being able to use sysreq to kill all the processes and unmount file systems safely. Of course, the only way out was a hardware reset, with the subsequent log corruption that let me with no hints on why systemd would not allow my pc to shutdown. Well, at least it got me moving to evaluate the still rational linux distributions out there, as well as the *BSDs, something I had been procrastinating for a few months.

+ - Europeans Challenging Gov't Data Retention Laws->

Submitted by jfruh
jfruh (300774) writes "A recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union is empowering Europeans to fight for privacy rights in national courts. The court said that an EU-wide policy mandating that ISPs retain customer location and metadata over 12 months to aid law enforcement violated citizen privacy rights. Now people are using this ruling to challenge data retention laws in the Netherlands and Sweden."
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Comment: Re:KDE 5.3 (Score 4, Informative) 84

by jbernardo (#48792211) Attached to: KDE Frameworks 5.3 and Plasma 2.1 – First Impressions

Seems like you're wrong, they added support for systemd dbus calls, but no dependency on systemd libs. It will use it if it's there, but doesn't require it.

This message has a small description of what they did. Too bad other developers don't want to be this conscious and prefer to link with systemd libs, needed or not.

+ - Is Wikipedia biased for Israel and against Palestinians? 5

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Wikipedia's pro-Jewish bias has been discussed in Wikipedia-criticism circles for years, but today the Wikipediocracy blog ran a item relating to it that will attract controversy: it proves that English-language Wikipedia is heavily biased in favor of Israeli and Jewish subjects, and against Palestinians. And it starts with very disturbing examples — Wikipedia biographies of Israeli and Palestinian children who were killed in the endless civil war. Specifically, articles about Palestinian children who were killed by Israelis are almost guaranteed to be deleted from the "encyclopedia of record", while articles about Israeli children killed by Palestinians receive "special protection"."

+ - Colorado sued by neighboring states over legal pot-> 2

Submitted by SternisheFan
SternisheFan (2529412) writes "The attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma sued Colorado in the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday, arguing state-legalized marijuana from Colorado is improperly spilling across state lines.

The suit invokes the federal government's right to regulate both drugs and interstate commerce, and says Colorado's decision to legalize marijuana has been "particularly burdensome" to police agencies on the other side of the state line.

In June, USA TODAY highlighted the flow of marijuana from Colorado into small towns across Nebraska: felony drug arrests in Chappell, Neb., just 7 miles north of the Colorado border have skyrocketed 400% in three years.

"In passing and enforcing Amendment 64, the state of Colorado has created a dangerous gap in the federal drug control system enacted by the United States Congress. Marijuana flows from this gap into neighboring states, undermining plaintiff states' own marijuana bans, draining their treasuries, and placing stress on their criminal justice systems," says the lawsuit. "The Constitution and the federal anti-drug laws do not permit the development of a patchwork of state and local pro-drug policies and licensed distribution schemes throughout the country which conflict with federal laws.""

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