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Comment: Re:Why a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Score 1) 515

by jatabbert (#37768818) Attached to: Are You Prepared For the Zombie Apocalypse?

So as you can see zombies are fun to talk about but it's impossible for a zombie outbreak to become reality so there's no need to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. Movies like Halloween and Scream with serial killers sneaking around and killing individuals is far more likely a scenario.

What happens in an I Am Legend setting? Where *spoilers* a cancer treatment is used around the world which mutates them to zombie esque people years down the road. They transmit the disease through the air to 95% of the world population before you know what's going on if you aren't immune you a zombie *endspoilers*.

The only way I could see a real zombie apocalypse succeeding is some crazy virus that lies dormant but still spreads through the air with a really high infection rate when exposed. Think breathing the same air as someone in an office building. A month or two after it spreads through all the major cities in the world the first patients show up in hospitals, and then humanity explodes like an egg versus a shotgun.

Comment: Re:I think people really need to understand this (Score 1) 527

by jatabbert (#33847210) Attached to: Facebook Billionaire Gives Money To Legalize Marijuana

There is no near term toxicity and its long term effects are no worse than alcohol or cigarettes (it can cause lung cancer, like any inhaled smoke, and it seems to have a negative impact on higher reasoning skills when used heavily for a long term).

I would agree that some long term heavy (and emphasis on heavy) users might not think that straight most of the time. But cancer causing is misleading. There have been studies that smoking marijuana regularly will not increase your chance at having cancer anywhere in your respiratory system, and that it may actually help prevent it.

Marijuana has probably had more studies done on it than any other substance in the US. With the only negatives of them showing up as a slight increased chance to develop a bronchial infection in those prone to it already, and an increased chance in developing schizophrenia once again in those with a genetic disposition for it. The schizophrenia increase goes something like 1% to 3% to develop in the studies done.

Driving while high doesn't really effect you unless you get distracted, and normal people driving get in accidents because they were distracted all the time so what's the difference?

Many legitimate studies showing the benefits:

Page showing condensed information (read question 17 for information relevant to my post):

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