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Comment Re:What's the point of "shaming"? (Score 1) 70

I disagree with your analysis. It's all about knowing the level below which people might pay without involving the authorities. 50 BTC is at the point that pretty much any business might find it in their interests to pay, rather than involving the authorities, expensive IT consultants or down-time. I've been holiday mugged twice - both times the attacker deliberately demanded such an insignificant amount that I never bothered reporting it or fighting it.


Comment Re:Possible! (Score 1) 122

Not intended to mislead, a mistake, a pretty easy one at that. Given it's shown up when you are on the UK page.

Why you think people would use cell phones in embassies for important conversations when you would instead be using a secured or encrypted line?

A stingray outside parliament would get rather overwhelmed with all the tourists.

If the government wanted to spy on itself, there are easier ways than this.


Comment Re:That is cool (Score 1) 12

It's saying that the reason why so few police requests are received is due to the fact that snapchat can only produce information on unopened snaps (or stories). Most police investigations are in response to an event that has happened, rather than something they anticipate happening. The police would have to be exceptionally lucky to time the warrant to hit after the message has been sent, but before it is opened.


Comment Re:This is pretty common. (Score 2) 193

It depends on the copy. Non-OEM licenses are usually transferable to another computer. You can of course sell that digital copy installed on a computer. - assuming it's not an upgrade SA right.

It wouldn't be strictly legal to sell a computer with one of these amnesty copies.

I've never used phone support, but yes they do offer it for Office and Windows, I'm pretty sure it's free, but time / case limited.



Comment Re:This is pretty common. (Score 4, Informative) 193

No - They've given you an amnesty license. Just don't automatically expect to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or to use any phone / e-mail support. Don't expect other rights you'd get with full copies, such as any downgrade rights or the ability to transfer it to another computer or person.

Security patches/updates will work fine. These are legal restrictions not usage restrictions. It'll look like any other copy of Windows and work like any other copy of Windows. You just can't put it in a box and put it on e-bay, it's at that point it no longer exists.


Comment This is pretty common. (Score 5, Informative) 193

They have a similar policy with Home Usage Policies. It's a "Ghost" License, not really a true license with warranty rights, support, transfers etc.. You can use the product legally, but you don't own any license. don't expect to be able to transfer the policy or seek technical support.

This copy won't expire, but you can't really re-sell it, transfer it or seek any other benefits. The product will technically "work" fine and will receive updates and so on without issue. One area which isn't guaranteed is if Microsoft continue this trend of free upgrades from earlier OS, they might not permit free upgrade for this pirate/amnesty copy.


Comment Re:A turd by any other name (Score 1) 317

IE6s only "problem" was that it was supported for 10+ years and that business uptake of Vista was low. If Vista had been a business success we'd generally be having this conversation around IE9 now, not IE6.

IE6 is still technically supported when installed on Server 2003 and in Windows XP Embedded for example.

Microsoft have thankfully corrected this policy, however they have to maintain their existing commitments:

Why keep upgrading your internal web apps, when you can keep them static for 10 years.


Comment Re:Not the right way (Score 1) 260

Having the friends over is an opportunity. I walked in on a bunch of teenage boys using chat roulette for a "laugh". As a group it probably was harmless, had they done this alone they could possibly got in to real trouble. I told them that girl could easily be a 60 year old fat man, it could also be a really young girl, either way it could get you in trouble and not what you are looking for. They were genuinely repulsed and I'm pretty sure they got the idea..

Do any of their friends use internet filtering? Probably not anyway. They may well not even know such sites exist.

I'll consider putting together a having the friends over AUP with choices. To cover internet use, games ratings, healthy food, taking of photos, use of suncream, health screening, allergies, screen time and bed times. That'll go down real well with their friends and make me look like a nut case.

Supervision+Trust goes a long way. I do filter my 8 year old,


Comment Government Intervention (Score 5, Informative) 495

EU wide publically funded projects to bring high speed broadband across Europe?

We had plenty of choices for dial-up too, what we lacked particularly in the UK was free local calls, that made modem calls expensive compared to the US. Since then everything has been going our way.