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Submission B&N Responds to Microsoft's Android Suit->

eldavojohn writes: "You're probably familiar with Microsoft's long running assault on Android but, as noticed by Groklaw, Barnes and Noble has fired back saying, 'Microsoft has asserted patents that extend only to arbitrary, outmoded, or non-essential design features, but uses these patents to demand that every manufacturer of an Android-based mobile device take a license from Microsoft and pay exorbitant licensing fees or face protracted and expensive patent infringement litigation.' Barnes and Noble goes on to assert that Microsoft violates 'antitrust laws, threatens competition for mobile device operating systems and is further evidence of Microsoft’s efforts to dominate and control Android and other open source operating systems.' The PDF of the filing from two days ago is rife with accusations including, 'Microsoft intends to utilize its patents to control the activities of and extract fees from the designers, developers, and manufacturers of devices, including tablets, eReaders, and other mobile devices, that employ the Android Operating System.' and 'Microsoft has falsely and without justification asserted that its patents somehow provide it with the right to prohibit device manufacturers from employing new versions of the Android Operating System, or third party software.' Barnes and Noble does not mince words when explaining Microsoft's FUD campaign to both the public and developers in its attempts to suppress Android. It's good to see PJ still digging through massive court briefs to bring us the details on IP court battles."
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Comment What about Stumbleupon? (Score 1) 307

You can rate websites with "like" and "don't like" and then Stumbleupon starts to show you websites submitted by people with similar interest vectors. Stumbleupon also shows you the people with similar interest vectors so you can chat with them or just subscribe to their feeds.

Comment First dive will be to the deepest place (Score 1) 37

That doesn't sound wise to me. I would recommend to leave the ambitious trips for later. Use a series of incrementally more challenging trips to test the design and gain experience with the controls of the vehicle. Chances are there is software involved and I don't want to see more bad news on Slashdot.

Comment Re:Google doesn't get it (Score 1) 218

Actually it's not quite that easy. Once your browser loads the button, the website and your IP goes into Google's log. From there on it's just a matter of connecting the dots.
However for Firefox with Adblock Plus there is a list to prevent loading of "social" buttons:
Note that Google Chrome's ad-blocking only hides content but still loads it.

Comment Dual-boot phone? (Score 1) 329

In a few years we will have phones with WP7 and Linux dual-boot. The market of mobile devices is just like the PC market and worse: Full of politics, platforms, and redundant software. As a software developer I am appalled by the waste of developer time.

But as Steve Ballmer so eloquently says: "We are going to give customers exiting choices."


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