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Comment Re:And yet, no one understands Git. (Score 1) 203

You have to understand the data-structure, how files, directories and commits are all content-addressable objects. The linkage of the commits by means of their id's must be understood.

To understand merging you should have used diff and patch a few times.

This is all.

With these few concepts anybody, who can write a program, should be able to understand git. To invent new use-cases or work-flows is another thing, but comprehending a given usage of git should be straight forward.

Comment Re:In Finland (Score 1) 516

Wooden houses as opposed to what?

Wooden houses are an anomaly in my country, there are TV-documentaries abort this curiosity. There are not many companies with expertise to build houses from other materials as brick or concrete.

Anytime I see in the news about an american huricane the splintered houses, I wonder why would anyone build such cheap houses?

Comment traitor or not is irrelevant (Score 1) 441

It's irrelevant what kind of people a law is targeted at. If you can't prove them guilty in proper style you have to let them go. If they (or the jury) are denied relevant information, they can't be prosecuted.

This asssumes you are living in a country with proper free government under the law. Apparently the USA doesn't qualify.

Comment skewed results (Score 1) 120

The results are skewed because the population of e-book vs paper-book readers is different. I hope the books I read won't be altered to match the apparent short attention span of e-book consumers.

Comment Re:Romances go fast... (Score 1) 120

Eroticas go faster because people are skipping over the pages of badly written sex trying to find more plot.

If you want plot over sex don't buy erotica. Probably the plot of erotica is skipped to find more hot carnal sex :-)

Comment It's not only RAM (Score 4, Informative) 262

The company I work for compiles almost all programms with 32 bits on x86-64 CPUs. It's not only cheap RAM usage, it's also expensive cache which is wasted with 64 pointer and 64 bit int. Since 3 GB is much more than our programms are using, x86-64 would be foolish. I'm eager waiting for a x32 SuSE version.

Comment Re:Konqueror (Score 1) 381

We should develop a secret handshake ;-).

What's not to love: some pages don't work. E.g. I can't save slashdot accounts slashboxes, the save-button isn't visible. Mostly it's non-functional video. For this I have firefox as stopgap.

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