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Comment Re:"industry insider" (Score 2) 394

Don't you feel stupid wearing that tinfoil hat?

Not if you cock it at a jaunty angle.

Then you leave the critical 'side' of your head vulnerable to a well-aimed 'jaunty' attack while your defences are down.

Ensure your tinfoil covers down to neck level at *all* times.

Comment Re:360 degrees is not what you think it is (Score 1) 133

The patent does specifically say that it covers accessing a bank account (34. the user's account provided by... a bank).

The available credit of a bank account would be your bank balance plus overdraft facility, not your credit card's lending limit.

[0031] In one embodiment of the invention, the delivery element 32 of the advertisement management system 14 is arranged to analyze the user's available credit in order to assess the likelihood of a user being able to purchase advertised goods and/or services. The available credit may be provided by the billing system 26, i.e., from the user's account maintained by the billing system, 26, or from a credit extending system or facility 34, from the user's account provided by the credit extending facility 34. the credit extending facility 34 may be a bank or credit card company . Alternatively, the available credit can be provided to the delivery element 32 in a batch type of database action, i.e., delivered periodically and stored in a database of the advertisement management system 14.

Comment Re:Yeah! (Score 2) 31

Whatever you're rendering, you probably aren't benefiting from PRMan's really distinguishing features if you're using blender.

For the average Blender-user, that's probably true, but certainly not because

PRman has historically been incredibly slow in comparison to other production renderers for almost a decade

... since most Blender-users are not going to be rendering multi-billion polygon scenes with massive displacement, instancing, complex shader networks, complex AOV output and custom-written Renderman shaders.

Sorry, but your statement is just completely wrong!

You mean the VFX companies who made Avengers: Age of Ultron, Cinderella, Ex Machina, Fast and Furious 7, Inside Out, Jupiter Ascending, Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road, Seventh Son, Ted 2 and Tomorrowland thought they'd chose an "incredibly slow" production renderer, rather than Arnold? Most people think of the REYES rendering approach as being at the core of RenderMan when thinking of imagery produced by Pixar's RenderMan, and although this has been historically true, RenderMan has been a hybrid renderer for some time now.

For the record, Renderman now uses RIS: Arnold-style path-tracing as well as bidirectional path tracing.

Comment Re:Gillette (Score 1) 95

Need a shave? Toss out your Bics and grab the Gillette Fusion, which single-handedly represents Consumer Product Event Horizon by combining "the comfort of five blades" (on the front) with "the precision of one" (on the back). The main cutting surface is about the size of a sheet of A4; so large you can't get it under your nose without shearing off your top lip, which is why you need the blade on the back - it's the only bit you can enjoy a reasonable shave with.

There's also a battery-operated "Power Handle" option that makes the whole thing buzz like a wasp in an envelope - not to help you shave, but to offer yet more fleeting distraction from the UNREMITTING MISERY OF LIFE.

The Fusion Mk2, out next year, features 190 blades, a 30GB hard drive, a pine nut dispenser and a synthesized voice telling you everything's OK, even though the mere existence of such a razor proves otherwise. I've pre-ordered mine already.

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