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Comment: FUD and Desperation (Score 0) 84

It seems that a lot of people are generating FUD, again, because they want the system to fail.

The system is great, the games we have so far are fun, and that's probably about the same purchase rate as on the Wii. We have a PS3, but that is only used for watching movies, which I never thought would be the case. The games just aren't compelling.

The Wii U will do fine, and will sell many units when the 'big' Nintendo titles release.

Comment: Re:The market is speaking ... (Score 1) 335

by jaminJay (#43828965) Attached to: Can the Wii U Survive Against the PS4 and Xbox One?
The Wii did not play DVDs unless you modded it. The Wii U is now the only console that gets used in my house, and we still have all of the old ones hooked up and ready to go if desired. (Actually, the PS3 gets used for watching movies, but has been used for games only when trying the bundled games that one time). Also, the recent updates have fixed most of the other issues you complain of.

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