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Comment Re:Lockin (Score 1) 173 173

The iPhone is a very expensive phone

Off-contract, the iPhone 4 is the same price as the Galaxy SII, and the iPhone 4S is not a lot more than the SIII. Granted the iPhone 5 is about GBP 150 more though, but until that was released they were about the same price as Samsung's competition.


Comment Re:So that makes me.. (Score 2, Interesting) 780 780

On my handheld device, I'd rather have an OS that was designed to be operated using my fingers or thumbs rather than one that was designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind. While I know that it is theoretically possible to use Windows or OS X on a tablet style device, most of the apps that run on those platforms are not designed to be operated on a small-ish touchscreen.

I imagine the ease of use that iOS provides on these devices would be far superior to OS X or Windows. So on that note, I will be staying away from any tablet style devices running OS X or Windows, and opting for iOS or Android instead.

Comment Re:Doesn't Win7 have a "tablet mode"? (Score 1) 467 467

As much as I loathe Apple's restrictions, they have the right idea with the iPad. As a device, the entire desktop UI metaphor needs to be rethought.

The iPad has a desktop UI metaphor? I've used my friend's iPad a lot and to me it definitely doesn't appear to have a "desktop" UI. In fact I'd say it's UI is perfectly suited to the device, although it might benefit from multitasking.

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