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Comment OMG! What can we do!? (Score 1) 109

So people on the internet can figure out what shutter speed I was using when I took a photo? I sure hope they can't find any other identifying information like the copyright note with my name that my camera is configured to add.

I'll never post a picture to facebook again! (Oh wait, facebook actually removes all the metadata, which I find rather annoying)

Comment Re:Meh. Just more zap zap boom, not much Trek (Score 1) 438

At this point, we don't have enough data to know if it'll be good or not. I believe it has potential to be good - I just hope it can live up to that potential.

Moves and TV are fundamentally different. Movies are way higher budget per minute. TV shows actually have time to develop characters, and don't need to keep the audience excited for every second. If there's good writing and development, the specifics won't be very important.

I am curious about story arcs. TNG episodes do a good job standing on their own, with the specific character development happening in the background. DS9 (at least in the end) became very story-arc driven, such that episodes were good because they were building on an overall plot. There is a definite trend in TV today towards large story arcs, with frequent cliffhangers. I'm not sure either style is necessarily better than the other, as long as it's well played. (Though it does mean if I'm looking for an hour's worth of entertainment, I'm more likey to watch a random episode of TNG than something like DS9 or BSG)

Comment Re:Hedging their bets (Score 1) 438

In January, 2017, a new series will begin. The first episode will air on CBS, and subsequent episodes will appear on CBS's online platform

Wow, that shows a lot of confidence, doesn't it?

If it takes off, great - syndicate it and broadcast it. If not, well, it was just a web thing which we can pretend never happened when the next reboot comes along.

Actually, my interpretation was overconfidence. They're showing the pilot on CBS. They think that it'll be good enough to hook people, and that these people will be willing to pay money to watch future episodes.

Comment Re:Farscape (Score 1) 438

But I do cringe when I hear they want to make adaptions of things like foundation series, that a clearly not written in such a way as to make good movies.

I think Prelude to Foundation has potential. But I'm forced to agree that as a whole, the Foundation Series won't translate well to movie form.

Comment Re:Which continuity? (Score 1) 438

Well in that case. Why call it Star Trek when it is not Star Trek.

Two words: name recognition.

Trekkies will watch it because it's Star Trek. Even if they hate it, they'll still watch it so they can complain. Non-trekkies will watch it because they've at least heard Star Trek is good, but they're not willing to watch some old TV series from 20 or 40 years ago. Whether it deserves it or not, it'll get a lot of publicity when it starts.

I'm reminded of some horrible movies "based upon" (but not really) popular books. For example, Starship Troopers, or I, Robot. I'm not sure if a new Star Trek will be horrible - I hope it won't, but by using the Star Trek franchise, its producers are playing it safe, rather than trying to make something really good that could stand on its own.

Comment Re:10 years was a decent rest (Score 1) 438

Enterprise was awesome as all the technology from the original Star Trek series wasn't fully developed yet. The transporters were still experimental for human transport.

I've been re-watching TNG and DS9 recently, and one of my complaints is how they have so much magic available (transporters, replicators, etc.) that plots are sometimes contrived so as to have problems that these devices can't solve. Oh, uh, we'd just beam him up, but this particular planet has some weird rocks that we can't beam through. If transporters didn't exist in the first place, they wouldn't have to make up so much convenient tech babble.

I'll have to give Enterprise another look.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the Holodeck. I think it had 2 purposes: 1. To impress audiences with all the cool stuff during the first episode of TNG. 2. To give writers a way to quickly come up with a really lame episode.

Comment cautiously optimistic (Score 1) 438

The problem with movies is they don't have enough time for significant character development. Assuming a movie tells a good story, at best, you're talking one good story every few years. The Next Generation thrived as a tv series, but failed miserably in movie form.

In my opinion, the most recent movies have too much action, without much storytelling. I'm hopeful that a TV series simply won't have the special-effects budget to make the episodes non-stop eye-candy, and will instead try to tell good stories with only as many special effects as are required.

Comment Re:Warranty service (Score 1) 439

As soon as the warranty ended, I never went back. My local shop is much better then the dealer. If yours is not, find another one.

Agreed. I bought my car used (no warranty left), so I never brought it to the dealer. Then, there was recall, so naturally, I brought it to the dealer to have that work done for me. They tried to upsell me on so many services I definitely didn't need -- I got tired of saying "I only want the recall work done". The work ended up taking 2 days instead of the originally estimated 4 hours. That was over a year ago, and they sill regularly call me and send me junkmail telling me I should have service performed by them, or buy a new car from them.

Comment red is bad? (Score 1) 134

“It's mostly iron oxides. And iron makes stuff red, like rust. So it would be pretty hard to just take soil the way he did in the movie and put a little bit of composted human waste on the plants, and magically grow these great potatoes."

I'm not a botanist, so maybe I need the remedial version, but what does iron making stuff red have to do with any of this? Are there other qualities of Martian soil that would make it bad for growing things besides the red color?

Comment Re:The car is great to drive, but... (Score 1) 222

But in the Chevy Volt, for the 2nd gen (2016), the knobs and buttons have made a comeback. The space-age tactile feedback flat buttons were pretty well shunned by the community. And for good reason, they were clunky, and not usable in cold months with gloves on. I've owned the car for 3 years and for even simple buttons like seek takes an extra few seconds compared to other vehicles.

I'm so glad to hear this. I loved everything about the Volt until I test drove one last year. That horrible dashboard turned me off to the car completely. Perhaps I'll give it another look now.

Comment Re:Romanticizing European public transportation (Score 2) 242

Jokes on them, after living in Europe for an extended amount of time I can safely say that the American leftard romanticization of European public transportation and mobile phone service is complete crap. Buses here suck just as much as you'd expect in any major American city and cell coverage is even worse (at least it is cheap)! There is no way in hell I'd take a bus into work every day and for the first time ever I miss Verizon.

Out of curiosity, what part of Europe are you talking about? I'm an American who spent a few years in Poland, and I would give almost anything to have the kind of cheap and reliable public transit I did while in Europe again.

Comment Re:The freedom of not having a car (Score 1) 242

I actually find public transport to be expensive (far above the combined costs of owning and using a car), highly inconvenient (unless you happen to live near the busstop, always want to go near a busstop and everything runs on time; which is almost never) and -most importantly- physically and mentally draining; it's not enjoyable to be packed like a sardine in a can in a subway or train. Traffic jams aren't fun either, but atleast I have some room to move.

Let me guess, you're in America? I am too, and I can't believe the cost of public transport here. I'm fortunate that where I live it's much more convenient than driving, but several times more expensive. I've actually considered enrolling in the local university because they give out free bus passes to full-time students, and tuition would actually cost me about the same as buying the bus pass alone.

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