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Comment Re:"At that price it's almost a burner" (Score 1) 153

I paid 80 bucks new from Amazon for this now discontinued phone.

Quite respectable, and a few months ago, was my best pick under 100 bucks. My girlfriend uses it, and she didn't want anything expensive, just basic Android apps, internet, etc. By anyone's standard, this is a smart phone.

Comment Re:DMCA to the rescue? (Score 1) 370

If you can show it's copyrighted work, they'll take notice when you file a DMCA. But I believe this has to be under penalty of perjury.

If they do ignore it, file a DMCA on the ISP's provider.

However, the info posted is likely not copyrighted.... which falls under other rules of anti-harassment and state laws. Unfortunately, there's still not a lot you can do about it in that case, due to the annoyance of having to deal with a company across the world.

Comment Clarity on Apple's products (Score 1) 508

I actually logged into Slashdot again for the first time in years to post on Apple's products:

The iPad Pro is the Surface done right, and I say this as much as I admire the Surface. Apple has copied liberally from MS; stylus, side-by-side windowing, folding keyboard, and it's done well. The keyboard eliminates the need for a kickstand, the stylus is good enough for artists and the 12" display means you don't need a laptop anymore along with the windowing improvements. Sucks for those who bought a MacBook.

The new iPhone finally has a resolution that is usable in low light. Apple has always had very good cameras on its iPhones and this takes it one step further. It's still a mobile camera with a tiny sensor and a fixed lens, but those have gotten very good in recent years. Not yet quite as good as Samsung S6, Motorola X Style, LG G4 or Sony Z5, but Apple is not usually about choice. The force touch is a very useful addition, but will be mostly useful for 3rd party apps, gaming etc. However, since the Huawei Mate S has it as well, it's only a matter of time before it's standard on all mobile platforms.

The new Apple TV that now offers an SDK for developers is something that will be extremely useful. The Apple TV is already the best device for screen sharing in terms of quality. It even works well with Windows with 3rd party AirSquirrel. The devkit will enable developers to make even more useful presentation tools, which is where the Apple TV really shines. For home, there are many other options that are just as useful.

Of course you would still be locked into Apple's ecosystem, which is the main reason I avoid Apple's iOS products.

Comment It takes two... (Score 4, Insightful) 440

The best product is meaningless if you don't have someone like Jobs shoving it down people's throats to get them to buy. Same with Woz, if you don't have something really cool to sell, then no one would have listened to Steve for very long. Two sides of the same coin. I'm not an Apple or Jobs fan, but obviously Steve did a lot of things right for a long time.

I doubt Woz was very good at sales. I doubt Steve was very good at building computers. No product "sells itself", and anyone who really believes that is an idiot.

Comment Re:nerd news? (Score 1) 468

Yes, because everyone knows that war didn't exist until the United States was created....

The US has done plenty of stupid things, but war has always existed and always will. The US is the whipping boy only because it is the biggest. Go look at the atrocities committed by Russia, Japan and Germany (and others) over the last 100 years, then see see how much you still cry about America. There are plenty of crimes to go around, saying America is the "worst" just shows you don't know how to crack open a history book.

Comment The NSA has done several things to help security (Score 4, Informative) 105

Long ago, they released configuration steps and tools to lock down windows 2000. It wasn't just sent to government agencies, but opened up for businesses, too.

They did the same thing with XP, iirc.

It makes sense. It's useful for the NSA to keep computers secure from script kiddies. Doesn't matter to them -- they break into routers, not computers, for the most part :o

Comment Re: Really ? (Score 2) 256

No, we don't. If you don't have the water, or at least the hydrogen and oxygen, you don't have a large body of water to moderate the temperature and host cyanobacteria to create oxygen, which takes hundreds of thousands to millions of years, assuming you have enough bound oxygen to begin with. We don't have the technology. We can't even filter out a little carbon dioxide in our own atmosphere.

Comment Re:Why force her to do something she doesn't want (Score 1) 250

No, she doesn't. He specifically said:

"but she is just not very passionate about coding or IT in general."

So yes, it does look like he's trying to push her. Most women I know take a few months of maternity leave, not a few years, so maybe that is why he is pushing, but he's pushing her in the wrong direction.

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