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Comment: RTFM you lazy bitch. (Score -1) 80

by multiplexo (#45557123) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Scientific Computing Workflow For the Cloud?
Seriously, RTFM. There are lots of documents online about how to create your own AMI and upload it to EC2, or you could use one of the prebuilt AMIs available in the Amazon EC2 marketplace, customize it to your needs and then convert it to an AMI. Once you have that you can use the Amazon CLI and script these tasks with bash, or you could use the AWS gem and do it with Ruby, or you could use the Python (Boto) SDK. I think that there's a PERL API as well, but I'll let you do the searching for it, you lazy sack of crap.

Comment: Fuck Paul Verhoeven (Score 0) 726

That piece of shit made a shit movie that was basically took the title of Starship Troopers and some ideas from the book and wrapped it around an updated version of Robocop. Heinlein was trying to make serious points in his book but Verhoeven either couldn't see that, or more likely, didn't care and made a movie that shit all over Heinlein's book.

Comment: Re:Makes we wonder about Japan and the nukes deplo (Score 1) 586

by multiplexo (#44919767) Attached to: USAF Almost Nuked North Carolina In 1961 – Declassified Document

I suggest you look at the photos/videos of nuclear tests that the governments of the US and USSR have helpfully provided. Unless they could fake all that in the fifties, including all the glass-lined craters you can tour now, considerably more than two weapons successfully detonated, even if only those two were fired in anger.

Well George Pal was pretty awesome, plus the government was spending a lot of money on SFX back in the 1950s because they knew they were going to need the technology to fake moon landings in the 1960s.

Comment: Re:Anyone should be able to fly (Score 2) 213

by multiplexo (#44721657) Attached to: One Strike Against No Fly List; More Scrutiny To Come
Bullshit, you're just another stupid racist who wishes that the government would crack down on all of those horrible negros and other people of color. White people, especially white male conservatives are the last people in the world who would want to implement any sort of "honest" profiling scheme because the history of terrorism in America is overwhelmingly white, male and conservative. Don't believe me? Well how about a little terrorist organization called the KKK, which lynched thousands of black men in the early 20th century and terrorized blacks, Catholics, Jews and other minorities to prevent them from voting or moving in to certain areas or taking certain jobs. Then of course we have Tim McVeigh and his crazy militia buddies, the neo-Nazis in Idaho, Bruce and Joshua Turnidge (this story got no media coverage compared to the Boston bombing or the Fort Hood shootings), the asshole who tried blowing up the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial march in Spokane in 2011. While we're at it let's toss in all of the school shooters (Adam Lanza, Kip Kinkel, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are all white) and that crazy fuck who shot up the theatre in Aurora. Any honest look at American history shows that white people are mean, crazy dangerous fuckheads and that you should keep an eye on them lest they go batshit insane and start killing everyone in sight. Yeah, if we had profiling in America and it was honest, and not just an excuse used to fuck with people then white guys like you would spend a lot of time getting cavity searched.

Comment: Re:Anyone should be able to fly (Score 4, Informative) 213

by multiplexo (#44721581) Attached to: One Strike Against No Fly List; More Scrutiny To Come

People charged with a crime often have a their movements restricted as a condition of their bail.

Yes, people charged with a crime often have their movements restricted as a condition of bail, a fact which has nothing to do with the TSA's idiotic no-fly list. See people who are charged with a crime and who have had their movements restricted have had the benefits of a little thing called due process of law and the fifth amendment to the Constitution. See, if you've been charged with a crime and have had your movements restricted that means that you've been arrested, charged in a court of law, allowed to have counsel to represent you. You can also appeal the judgment that restricts your movements, confront the witnesses against you and you have the right to subpoena witnesses to testify in your favor. You have none of this with the TSA. The TSA restricts your liberty to travel without telling you why they've done so or what evidence they used to make this determination and gives you no opportunity to defend yourself. The TSA no-fly list is essentially nothing more than the imposition of Soviet style internal passports that has nothing to do with protecting citizens and everything to do with restricting their movements.

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