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Comment Re:Expensive Price (Score 1) 437

It does have one feature. The battery indicator. It will display JLOW on an empty battery


John’s phone is energy-efficient (1200 mAh), as it does not contain any energy-consuming features. The standby time is more than three weeks. If the battery is full, the right side of the screen features the word ‘JOHNS’. The lower the battery, the fewer letters will be displayed. If your battery is empty, the Phone first shows a ‘J’, followed by ‘LOW’.

Comment Re:Most games I can think of (Score 1) 398

Oh god, I want to punch whoever came out with "tap" a button to perform an action in the face.

In GTA IV in the helicopter scene in the last mission, you had to tap a button like 10 times a second for a few seconds. I physically couldn't tap how fast they wanted me to. I ended up installing AutoHotkey to have it try for me.

Comment Re:Just Like When He Led Microsoft (Score 1) 841

Your link is incorrect.

[[UPDATE: Turns out he did actually release some mosquitoes into the audience, though organizers were quick to reassure that they werenâ(TM)t malarial.]]

I'm still waiting to see if anyone will sue him over releasing bugs at a tech conference.

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