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Comment: but wait, what about the PTO (Score 1) 89

by init-five (#32059832) Attached to: Red Hat Prevails Against Patent Troll Acacia
The trolls were doing what trolls do - but the PTO seems to be their biggest enabler and profiting in the process. Why in the world would a patent like the one cited be awarded? And now that it turns out the patent is bogus why can't the PTO be held liable for creating the mess in the first place?

Comment: Bad analogy, Mundie (Score 1) 427

by init-five (#31029814) Attached to: Craig Mundie Wants "Internet Driver's Licenses"
...the car has to pass a test to say it is fit to drive.... I'll get a license when Microsoft passes a test to say that Windows and IE are fit to drive on the Internet.
For a moment let us ignore the roadkill from blue screens and worms by the millions; just try to get a license for IE to render any version of HTML per specifications.

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