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Comment: Can it play remote iTunes libraries? (Score 1) 180

by Gothmolly (#46641375) Attached to: Amazon Launches Android-Powered 'Fire TV' For Streaming and Gaming

I need something that will play iTunes. AppleTV and homebrew fiddly options are out. I need it to just work.

Also, I'd love to watch what happens when the voice recognition is active and you tell some "go fuck yourself". Will it immediately search for and start playing porn?

Comment: Your CTO is an idiot (Score 2, Interesting) 119

He doesn't want to manage stuff in house because it's hard. But wait, that's his job, and why he draws C-level pay. If you are not just occasionally using it, the whole advantage of "cloud" goes away, unless you replace it with the concept of "outsource". Which might be his goal all along, either way, I would look for a new job. Cloud would be great if you needed to load test from 1000 machines or something, but even for that there are simulators.

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