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Submission + - Dell to buy EMC for $65 Billion (

im_thatoneguy writes: After days of rumors, the New York Times is reporting that Dell will in fact be acquiring storage (and VMWare parent) company EMC in a record $65B deal being financed by a consortium of banks.

Under the deal Dell will pay $33.15 a share which represents a premium even on top of EMC's current value which had already jumped on initials rumors of a $50 acquistion last week. However, insiders say the deal won't be a straight forward cash buy-out of stock holders. Instead, EMC investors will receive about 70% in cash and the remainder in what's called a Tracking Stock which will track the performance of just the VMWare Division within the new organization.


Submission + - The Case for Mono (

im_thatoneguy writes: Jo Shields, a Mono Developer, has published an article on "Why Mono Doesn't Suck", why it is not a threat to FOSS, why it is desirable to developers and why it should be included in Ubuntu by default.

Submission + - Atari Claims Piracy to Supress Bad Reviews (

im_thatoneguy writes: "According to Shacknews

Atari has filed suit against German gaming website 4Players for publishing a negative pre-release review of Alone in the Dark, alleging that it was written based on an illegally obtained copy of the game.
Atari has also demanded the removal of 3/10 reviews from both and Gamereactor citing accusations of piracy."

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