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Comment Bigger problems (Score 5, Insightful) 93

The only requirement is that the attacker has port forwarding enabled on the same VPN network as its target. A phishing link or laced image file, for example, is then sent to the victim which leads the traffic to a port under the hacker’s control.

So... using a social engineering attack can expose the victim's IP address. Am I missing something? Cause to me this falls under the category of "Well no shit, Sherlock!" If you can convince a user to run a malicious payload, then having an IP address exposed is the least the victim's problems.

Comment Re:Wut? (Score 1) 114

There isn't one? How can a bunch of cabbies all be running under the same banner if there isn't one? Otherwise there'd be copyright lawsuits flying over cab design, etc.

Then again, this isn't America we're talking about, so maybe people are actually able to be civil with each other without requiring contracts and money changing hands.

Comment Criminal charges? (Score 1) 96

If there are criminal charges, I expect that they will be with token 'punishments'. To an average, sane, person, what punishment can compare to the knowledge that almost a dozen people were senselessly murdered because of your poor judgement? There are no reparations they could make to the victims or their families for the loss.

This knowledge will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 166

While I understand what you're trying to say, I argue that there's a fundamental flaw in your analogy.

The difference between windows and android is that windows is a) (More or less) stable, b) You have options to fix problems, and c) people are *used* to having to deal with problems, so when a problem happens people arn't surprised. They just roll their eyes and grunt "Great, not again..."

With android, as an end user you are stuck with what you got. There's (generally) no such thing as modding your android device. Hell, there's an excellent chance that you won't even get point releases for your OS, *even when* you bought your device from one of the major manufacturers, so you can forget about OS fixes, driver updates, etc.

Additionally, you say that people don't complain when their desktop games have issues. That's incorrect. I was having trouble getting Fallout 3 to run stable in a Windows VM, and while researching the causes I found a shockingly number of issues, many of which required going into the games config files to change the number of simultaneous threads, changing the amount of physical memory in the machine, etc. The difference here is that if you have problems on your desktop, there is a good chance that it's *fixable*. You may need to take extreme steps, but there is usually a way to work around whatever problem you're having.

For Android? If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. End of story. All you can do is complain to the dev and hope they can fix the problem, and won't just update the app description with "This game/app won't work on device X".

As a developer, in the desktop world, if your game is having a strange graphics issue, you don't go to Microsoft. You go to the graphics chip manufacturer because of possible bugs in the driver.
If your game doesn't work on the EU version of Samsung Galaxy S4, what do you do? Complain to samsung? Dig through spec sheets to find out what graphics chip samsung happened to use for that particular SKU, and then hope beyond hope you can even talk to chip manufacturer for help, assuming that Samsung didn't make proprietary tweaks to the base driver code, or possible something even more esoteric?

As long as you stick with major manufacturers, and use a toolkit like Unity, then the likelyhood of this happening is pretty remote. But I've already learned the hard way that using a generic android device from a non-major manufacturer just takes you into a world of pain.

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