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Comment Um.... duh? (Score 4, Insightful) 406

Apple has made it abundantly clear that they are selling a *secure* device. Always on encryption, etc etc.

How would you expect such a device to behave when it is compromised with unauthorized components? A phone with 3rd party components could do pretty much *anything*, including sending everything on the device to an unknown third party, without your knowledge or consent.

Heck, this sort of "problem" just makes me appreciate Apple's commitment to security even more.

My only complaint is that the phone doesn't brick soon enough. It should brick itself immediately upon the next boot up.

Comment 24 days of suspend... (Score 1) 98

But does everything still work after you resume? :)

But more seriously, do they have a software repository that specifically caters to it? Ie: Have they vetted software and indicated which ones will not run like crap on a tablet? Microsoft has demonstrated repeatedly that trying to shoehorn desktop UI onto a tablet just does not work. Ubuntu created Unity, which helps with core OS usage, but what about individual apps?

A typical desktop app is annoying as hell when you're using fingers instead of a mouse.

And if an errant weather menu bar widget uses up 5-10% cpu on your desktop even when unused, most people probably wouldn't notice or care. But that would be devastating on a tablet.

It's one thing to say that you can get 10 hours of battery life doing some trivial task. It's another thing entirely when that figure drops to 3 hours because your mail client insist on doing a full scan of your entire IMAP account every 15 minutes. I ran into this problem a LOT on android. Google does a really lousy job at curating applications on the Play Store.

Comment Re:This numbers are dishonest (Score 1) 315

True, however Microsoft will also use those numbers to represent popularity of their OS. Mark my words, in a few weeks Microsoft will be putting out a press release about the sudden jump in numbers, and trumpet how much people are "loving" Windows 10.

I realize my reaction is fundamentally an emotional one. I just find Microsoft's behaviour really galling. So much for Microsoft trying to clean up their act.

Comment Re:The numbers are objective facts (Score 1) 315

And that's all fine and good. But if you're using anything newer than Windows XP, you are going to have to jump through hoops to NOT get upgraded.
That means all machines released in... what? The last 10 years, give or take, are going to be forcibly upgraded to the new OS unless you know enough to stop it.

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