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Comment Re:BTRFS is getting there (Score 1) 261

Because up until fairly recently, it wasn't even considered stable. It's RAID capabilities are also still immature. Those are two very big blockers for anyone who considers not only their data, but their usable time, to be sacrosanct.

Surprises should be left for birthday parties, not servers.

Comment How about some REAL information? (Score 0) 325

Instead of spewing the usual "GMOz are teh devil!" idiocy, how about some actual facts?

1. There have been countless studies done regarding GMO crops. Not a single one has found any evidence that GMO plants are in any way harmful.
2. Monsanto's Roundup-Ready seeds were modified to protect them from Roundup, AKA Glyphosate. Without modification, Glyphosate would kill the seeds before they even had a chance to germinate.
3. Every seed is coated with the stuff, and as the plant grows, Glyphosate enfuses the entire plant, roots, stems, leaves and fruit.
4. Glyphosate is an exceedingly toxic compound. Monsanto says that by the time you're harvesting, the concentrations are so diluted as to be inconsequential.
5. Independent tests have shown that Glyphosate is a devastating compound, even at infinitesimally small concentrations, causing a wide variety of problems.

And on top of that, Monsanto squeezes Farmers for licensing fees, putting large numbers of them at the risk of bankruptcy. More than a few farmers have committed suicide from despair.

TL;DR version:
-GMOs are *NOT* bad.
-Glyphosate IS bad.
-Monsanto are a bunch of evil fuckwits that are poisoning our food supply and destroying lives for the sake of profits.

If you're gonna be pissed off about stuff, be pissed off for the *right* reasons, otherwise you look like a fool, make the movement look foolish, and impede efforts to fix the problem.

Comment Google gave away too much control (Score 1) 123

It's unfortunate that Google gave away so much control of Android. This means pretty much all Android devices are vulnerable, and unless the user has the skill and ability to install a non-vendor version of Android (eg: cyanogenmod), then these people are screwed.

Most android device manufacturers can't be bothered to release updates for their devices, and even when they do, you may still get railroaded by the carrier, leaving a very large number of devices vulnerable to who knows how many exploits. Of course, considering that Google itself has abandoned it's own devices within months of selling them, they arn't exactly a shining example either.

I'm waiting for the IoT to turn into the BoT (Botnet of Things).

Comment Re:MacBook Pro (Score 1) 237

You can't take current tools and retroactively apply them to a situation from over a decade ago.

Linux Mint didn't exist. Heck, Ubuntu itself was relatively new.

VMWare workstation didn't support linux until v6.

Virtualbox was very mediocre at best.

So yeah, if I try to make the switch now, I'll probably have much better success. But then? Not even remotely.

Comment Re:MacBook Pro (Score 1, Interesting) 237

TLDR; A 'Pro' product isn't defined by some arbitrary nonsense like the number of buttons it has. It's defined by how well it does the job it is set out to do. Use the tool that matches your needs.

If you think the definition of "Pro" requires having a nasa-like control panel to manage the fiddly details of your equipment, then your not a professional... you're a child who only wants to impress his friends.

A professional-level device helps you get your work done with as minimal hassle as possible. A professional-level device is reliable, because the person using it is trying to get *real* work done, and doesn't want to waste time dicking around with inconsequential bullshit like whether the color of your window borders are exactly #FEFEB0, or if you can shut off the wifi using a physical toggle button.

It doesn't matter who makes the device, or . What matters is whether it does the job you need it to do, and that it does so reliably without getting in your way.

I switched to using Macs when I finally got fed up with Windows and it's utter inability to suspend/resume reliably (among other things). I had initially tried to switch to linux, multiple times, but I couldn't find a single distro that could handle suspending properly, not to mention there was no decent virtualization software to run non-linux applications on, and there were no decent alternatives on Linux that compared to stuff like Microsoft Office or Adobe products.

So I moved to using OSX and haven't looked back since. It's the perfect combination (for me) of all possible worlds. Major vendor support, good virtualization tools for when I am in a pinch and am forced to run something windows-based, but I still get all my unixy command-line goodness, etc. And everything for the most part works. I don't have this perpetual worry in the back of my head that I'm going to sit down in front of my computer one morning and my computer is completely fubared because of something I couldn't have anticipated (Like Microsoft botching yet another update).

Game support on Mac is more or less crap compared to Windows, but I'm not a big gamer so I don't really care that much.

Comment Need to ban these companies (Score 2) 169

So let me get this straight...

First they downloaded a dodgy version of a free development tool...

Then they completely disabled Gatekeeper, which would have warned them that they were using a problematic version of xcode...

People/Companies who demonstrate such a shockingly poor level of judgement shouldn't be allowed to flip burgers, let alone be near a computer.

Comment Undermining the "intelligence mission"? (Score 5, Insightful) 403

I'll tell you who is undermining it. It's the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and Homeland Security. They have already demonstrated, unequivocally, that they will happily fuck over every last man, woman and child, not just in the US, but around the entire planet, if they could get away with it. The list of abuses is already long, and at no point have they shown any interest in stopping.

The fact that they are accusing unknown people "trying to undermine" them, and that these people are "fueled by their adversaries" just tells you how completely and utterly out to lunch these dimwits are.

They don't seem to understand that, the tighter they squeeze their fist, the more that squeezes out from between their fingers.

"Anyone attempting to generate random numbers by deterministic means is, of course, living in a state of sin." -- John Von Neumann