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Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 287

While I agree with most of it, I have a small nit to pick with your comment.

The only reason the US Military uses 5.56x45 instead of 7.62x54 (the old .308 Springfield cartridge that got your (great)grandfather through World War II)

.308 is .308 Winchester, not Springfield.
30-06 was Springfield.
The dimensions of those cartridges is 7.62x51mm for .308 and 7.62x63 for 30-06.

Otherwise, your analysis is spot on.


Comment They prioritize diversity candidates. (Score 2) 317

Given current policy, they would make sure that only "sufficiently diverse" people would benefit. They wouldn't want any white males to have any chance of succeeding over a diversity candidate.

If they really wanted more people in CS, they would kill offshoring and guest worker programs with fire, from orbit. More individuals would be motivated to complete a program with a higher chance of an actual career.

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