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Comment: Re:I probably would've gotten the death penalty... (Score 4, Funny) 626

Back in Windows 3.1, you could use qbasic to write a file with a non-standard filename, which would exceed the 8.3 format.

8th grader me thought it was the height of comedy to write files with names like "[Teacher name] is dumb" to the desktop.

Any attempt to remove or rename the file using the command line or UI would cause Windows to crap all over itself and crash.

Comment: Re:No words (Score 4, Insightful) 144

Yes, this is monumentally stupid on their part. But I'll be shocked if there's any real consequences for it. The other manufacturers are all watching to see how much backlash there is, and how quickly people forget and move on to see if this is something that they'll want to do in the future as well. Consumers won't care about this, and business will carry on as usual soon enough.

Comment: Old news (Score 4, Interesting) 151

by SoCalChris (#48304489) Attached to: Ford Develops a Way To Monitor Police Driving
Over a decade ago, Siemens offered a system that offered all of this. It would automatically alert dispatch if a vehicle left a specified area, the shotgun was dismounted, lights were on, vehicle was exceeding a certain speed without lights on, etc... I worked with the public transit version which had similar features, but the local PD was there with us for quite a bit evaluating how we were using it to possibly start using it on their fleet. This was in 2004.

Comment: Re:Google has 20 apps? (Score 1) 427

But why should they be a part of the OS? They can be, and frequently are replaced with third party apps with different functionality. Having those remain apps that are separate from the OS allows this, as well as allows people to keep their phones up to date easier since they're not as reliant upon the manufacturers and carriers to push out updates to the OS. This is Google's way of dealing with the version fragmentation that has plagued Android. This is a good thing, in my opinion.

Comment: Re:Google has 20 apps? (Score 1) 427

Camera, calendar, chrome, hangouts (messages), clock, google+, dialer, people (Contact manager), photos are all apps that are a pretty central part of an android phone. Not to mention the suite of Play apps (Movies, news, store, music, etc.) and other google services that aren't required but are very useful such as translate, google+, sky map, goggles, etc.

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